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Jewels Over Matte Black Nails

40 Voguish Nail Art Ideas For Short Nails

Most of the nail art samples you can find on the internet are usually painted on long nails. It is a given though since...
Floral, Glitter And Dots On White Nails

38 Appealing Watercolor Nail Designs

One of the most beautiful art medium out there is the watercolor. Famous classical artists made sure that at least one of their masterpieces...
Stained Love Letter Nail Design

40 Gorgeous Vintage Nail Designs

Nail art has gone a long way from just plain shiny colorless coating to amazing 3D designs. Now, if you have the luxury to...
Minion Nail Art Tutorial

18 Minion Themed Step By Step Nail Art Tutorials

Are you a Minion fan? Well then, read these 18 Minion step by step nail art tutorials that will blow your minds off! Minions...

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