20 Creative Nail Tutorials For Fall


Nail tutorials for fall involve many creative ideas and colors that would help you look stylish no matter the gloominess that comes around with the first snow of the season. Nail tutorials as I am going to showcase in today’s post will cover some really cool designs and patterns, just perfect to make your holidays rock. All these nail ideas are easy and women can style up their nails within no time by following the top 20 nail art tutorials as shown below. Do read and get an idea as to how your nails should appear this fall.

1. Half Moon Mani with a French Tip Twist

French tips look great and what better way than to adorn your nails with a super combo of half moon that makes your nails appear festive and very glamorous. For this nail art, you would need paints of gold and red shades and a stripper brush. First of all, clean your nails and file them. Thereafter, paint your nails with a base coat. Now, color your nails with a reddish orange paint. Dry them and apply a second coat. Then, over the moon of your nails, paint an outline using the brush in gold. Use the color to fill up the half moon. Dry your nails and then make a curved French tip as shown. In the end, apply the top coat to seal the look.

Nail Tutorials

Image credit: cosmopolitan

2. DIY gilded mani with textures

Textured gilded nails are in vogue this fall and make use of a very unusual material called tin foil. First of all, paint your nails with a base coat of rich red or maroon nail polish. Repeat it and let it dry. Now, take about two inches of tin foil and use ultimate pressure to crumble or crush the foil in between your palms. Then, press the foil flat on some surface where you need to drop a few drops of gold nail paint. After you have stamped the foil into the paint, apply it directly over your nails, but be sure to leave some space for the red to be seen. Dry and then repeat the procedure, but with silver paint. Dry and see the textured look.

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Image credit: brit

3. Easy Seasonal Stripes

Seasonal stripes are a favorite with ladies as these add fun and also make your nails appear gorgeous. For creating this striped look, all you need is a base coat of metallic paint like gold that has to be applied twice. Dry the nails and then take a scotch tape and cut it into strips in lengths as needed. Now, stick a tape cutout right into the center of your nails vertically. Thereafter, apply a thick coat of orange paint all over the nails. Dry them and then pull out the tape gently to see strips all over.

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Image credit: nailsplash

4. Gradient black and white dots mani

For this look, collect base color by China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le, a few toothpicks, white nail paint by OPI Alpine Snow and a black paint by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out. Now, apply two coats of the base paint. Dry and then put a toothpick into the white polish to make dots on the nails. Once dried, repeat the process using black paint. Dry the nails and then apply the top coat.

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Image credit: thebasecoat

5. 3D nail art tutorial for fall

For this nail art, you would need to first paint your nails with flesh colored nail polish. Once dry, paint the curve of your tips with white polish. Apply a second coat and let the nails dry up. Now, apply a coat of transparent nail paint over your first finger nail and before it gets dried, stick a big pearl bead towards the lower portion of the nail and fix tiny silver colored bead on the border lining up the nail using a toothpick. Afterwards, dab a drop of glue in the center and stick a white rose made of ceramic. For the next nail, do the same steps but with different pink coloured flower. Follow it up with a top coat.

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Image credit: stylecraze

6. Autumn leaves nail art

Firstly apply a base coat polish to your nails after which you need to paint them with two coats of black color. Once almost 50% dry, use a crushed cutout of polythene to pat on the painted nails. Doing this will ensure that you get a marbled look as seen in the image. Now, create leaves with a brush. Once dry, apply a top coat.

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Image credit: inkyournail

7. Jewel tone manicure

For getting these gorgeous nails, you would need jewel toned nail paints in purple, red, blue, wine and green. Paint your nails with these shades alternatively and once 50% dry, stick the jewels on nails as you like. After your jewels are in place, apply a top coat by Seche Vite or any other brand as doing this will make your jewels stick for a longer time.

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Image credit: lovemaegan

8. Spooky eyes nail art

For creating these spooky nails, you need tools for making dots, nail paints in white, black and a black nail art pen. Paint your nails with a base coat, then, coat them with two layers of black. Dry the nails and now make two dots in white with the help of the dotting tool. Dry the dots and then make two black dots with the help of another tool like pin. These are done to make the pupils of the ghost’s eyes. Let the nails dry and then layer your nails with a top coat.

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Image credit: mammafulzo

9. Green Ocean mani

These green nails look stunning and are done by applying two coats of neon green creme by Orly Fresh. Wait for the first coat to dry, then apply the second one. Dry the nails completely. Then, coat your nails with two layers of Green Ocean by Sinful Colors. This will bring out the sparkly effect on your nails.

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Image credit: nailedblog

10. Neon French tips mani

The nails, first of all, need to be painted using grey nail polish. Apply two coats one after the other, but drying the coats is vital. Then, place strips from the French manicure tips guide near the tip of the nails. Use neon yellow polish to paint on the tips. Once painted, take off the strips. You are through!

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Image credit: blogspot

11. Supernatural nails for fall

If you love spooky or supernatural themes to adorn your nails, you must get this nail art for fall. Start by coating your nails with black polish. Apply two coats. Dry. Then, using a fine brush, make three strips by dipping the brush in white nail polish. Dry the nails. Leave one nail vacant for drawing a ghost or a skeleton’s face by making use of dotting tool and a fine brush.

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Image credit: feelingfictional

12. Fall Ombre nails

For achieving this beautiful sunset theme, use a sponge and then dip it in four nail paints of shades like pale yellow, rich purple, plum and dusty orange. For a velvet plum texture, you can use China Glaze Purr-fect Plum and for others there are brands like OPI Call Me Gwen-ever, China Glaze Grape Pop and Finger Paints Lemon Sour. The sponge now has to be pressed on all the nails one after the other. Dry the nails. Thereafter, with the help of a striping brush, paint the tree in black. One can even use a nail art brush. Lastly apply a top coat.

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Image credit: alllacqueredup

13. DIY feathered nails for fall

One can make use of real feathers for styling their nails as per the nail art shown below. You can use real feathers but you need to trim them. Now, coat your nails with your clear base coat. Once the coat is almost 50% dry, stick the feathers onto your nails. Thereafter, apply a coat of nail paint (any color) on top of the feathers. Let the paint dry. Then, trim the extra edges that may protrude out. Layer the nails with the top coat to fix the feathered art on your nails.

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Image credit: popsugar

14. Minimalist Nude and Metallic Mani

Gather all your accessories to begin the process like skin colored nail paint, neutral paint in metallic shade and a tape. Apply your base coat, after which you can coat two layers of skin or flesh colored paint. Now, with the help of a tape that is to be placed in a diagonal way towards the outer portion of the nails, paint the metallic shade in a single coat. Then, take off your tape.

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Image credit: buzzfeed

15. Gorgeous Halloween nails

The nails seen here are just perfect for Halloween as these look neither too ghastly nor too boring. You would need two nail paints for this nail art, one in white and the other in red. Firstly, coat your nails with white nail paint. Let the nails dry. Then, apply a second coat. Once dried, take a brush and dip it in red paint. Now splash it across the nails to create an abstract design as you can see in the image. Dry the nails and coat it with a thin top coat.

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Image credit: deviantart

16. Two-Tone Taped Mani

Apply a base coat as the first step towards getting this nail design. Once dried, you need to paint your nails with green nail paint as it is more earthly and is suitable for the fall. For the base coat, you can use Seche Vite clear base coat. Now, take a regular tape and place it on your nails to create a pattern that you like. Then, apply a top coat of a shade as you desire. Once dried, peel off the tape.

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Image credit: wordpress

17. Metallic leaves mani

For achieving this golden leafy nail art, you need NYC Royal Chic as your base coat, Wet n Wild Fergie-Gold Album for the leaves, some random paints to color the leaves and brush. Apply on your nails a top coat of brown paint, then, let them dry. Afterwards, use Gold Album by Fergie to draw the leaves. Once dried, dip the brush in different shimmering colors and fill the leaves. Dry the nails and then apply a top coat with matte finished nail paint.

 Nail art tutorials

Image credit: polishmesnazzy

18. Flat matte nails for fall

For getting a flat matte look for your nails, you would need a matte nail paint, or if unavailable, you can use some cornstarch and mix it well with any nail paint that you would apply as a top coat. Mixing these will take the shimmer away and will present you with beautiful matte finished nails.

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Image credit: popsugar

19. Colored French tips mani

The look is simple yet glam and all you need is to coat your nails with a nude paint. Dry the nails and then using strips from French manicure guide, you can paint the tips of your nails with any bright paint like orange. When dried up, the nails can be coated with a thin layer of top coat.

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Image credit: galleryhip

20. Easy pumpkin nails mani

Pumpkin nails as seen here are quite easy to do and you would need a base coat nail paint in cream white, brush, orange nail polish, green nail paint, a lighter tone of orange nail paint and nail shade by Barry M -Mushroom. Coat your nails with the base coat and dry them. Then, draw orange semi circular shapes towards the outer portion of the nails. Once dry, paint light orange strips on the pumpkins to create an authentic look. To create the stems, use paint by Barry M and for the leafy effect, use the green polish. Now, coat your nails with the top coat.

Nail art tutorials

Image credit: wikia

The fall nail art tutorials as presented above are quite easy to be followed and ladies can do all of these at home. From simple French tip easy nail tutorials, cute pumpkin nails to the more elaborate feathered fall nails, there are a plethora of easy nail tutorials to select. If simplicity is something that you desire, opt for such nail designs that make use of nudes and pastels. However, if looking glamorous is your cup of tea, I would suggest you to go for the richer and glam Autumn leaves nail designs and Ombre nails.