21 Creative Spring Nail Art Tutorials


Hurrah….spring season is on and I, being a summer gal have already decided on the types of spring nail art that I would adorn on my nails! Have you gals decided on what nail designs to chuck and what to keep for this spring? If not, read my post and get some cool ideas as I bring before you 21 spring nail art tutorials to rock this breezy season of joy and youthfulness.

1. Cute Pink Egg Scape Glittery nails

Clean your nails and dehydrate using KBShimmer pH Prep. Afterwards, apply a base coat. Dry and then paint a thin coat of pink colored polish called Sweet Egg-scape by KBShimmer. Dry and then seal with a top coat to create a breezy and easy look!

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Image Credit:nailitmag

2. Cool watercolor flower and strips nails

Firstly, apply a base coat of white on all the nails. Now, with light pink nail polish and a polish brush, make strips horizontally. Let these dry up. Take a paper and pour a few blobs of blue, green and yellow polishes on it. Using a brush and freehand, draw the wild flowers as seen. Make the leaves in green and add some yellow tone as seen. Seal with a top clear coat.

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Image Credit: wordpress

3. Spring rose vintage nails

Paint your nails with base polishes of blue and grey. Take a foil palette and put pink polish on it. Pour some white too. Take a dotting tool start making the rose petals. Add some white too to create a double shade. Use a nail art stripper to make green triangular leaves. Dry and then seal with a top coat.

spring nail art

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4. Floral gradient spring nails

Start by applying a base coat. Then, apply two coats of blue and dry. On top of a make up sponge, paint purple polish and press it down on all the nails. Repeat. Make circles with white to create flowers. Use a dark colored nail art pen to create purplish patterns inside the petals. Seal with a top coat.

Spring Nail Designs

Image Credit: inspirationail

5. Amazing spring rose nails

Start applying a base coat of blue on all nails. Dry and then using a nail art brush, start making floral strokes to resemble rose petals. Use a mixture of white and a lighter tone of blue that can be obtained by mixing white and dark blue. Seal with a top coat.

Spring Nails

Image Credit: nailpolis

6. Creative blue and red spring nails

Start by applying a base coat of white polish on all the nails. Dry and then using blue, draw cloud like designs towards the upper part of the nails as shown. Now, use red and paint the same pattern lining the blue design. Dry. Now, with the help of a fine brush or toothpick, make vertical strips cutting through the blue and red designs. Seal with a top coat.

Spring Nails

Image Credit: stylemotivation

7. Beautiful jeweled bow and floral spring nails

Coat your nails with a base paint of white and yellow. Now, pour some colors in orange, purple, pink and green over a foil palette. Use a brush to draw small floral patterns randomly. The leaves are to be made using green. For the pinky and middle finger, stick bow shaped jewels or rhinestones to accentuate the beauty of the spring nails. Seal with a top coat.

Spring Nail Designs

Image Credit:blogspot

8. Ombre white and purple spring fairy nails

Paint the tips with white after applying a base coat of glittery polish. Dry. Take a sponge and pour some white on it. Press it down on the ring finger nail. Put purple in the middle of the whites poured on the sponge and press it all over the nail. Repeat the step with the french manicured nails. Dry and apply a top coat. Using acrylic paint, make crossed lines. Make the shape of the butterfly wings using black and fill it up with purple and white. Make flowers on the index finger in the same colors. Add beads and pearls on all nails.

Spring Nail Designs

Image Credit: youtube

9. Cute spring bird and polka dot nails

Except the middle finger that has to be coated with a clear base coat, for all others, paint with shades of mint green, light blue, orange and yellow. Dry. Now, take a thick dotting tool and draw flowers using pink. In the middle of each flower, use yellow to fill the dots. For the polka dots, use any color as you like. For the bird, paint the tips as if to resemble the feathered part, and draw eyes and nose as shown. The tip of the middle finger has to be painted with light purple and white to make dots.

Spring Nail Art

Image Credit: mammafulzo

10. Fresh spring blue and purple flower nails

One of the most glam nail tutorials presented here, this nail art can be achieved by coating your nails with a base coat and light blue polish. Dry. Use a nail art brush and black polish to draw the outline of the flowers. Get the nails dry and then fill the petals with purple. Draw the antennas with black and put dots as seen. Seal with a top coat.

Spring Nail Designs

Image Credit: slodive

11. Fancy spring butterfly nails

Apply a base coat of clear polish. Dry. Make white polka dots on all the nails. For the butterflies, take a brush or a nail art pen in black to draw the outlines. Then, using a myriad colors like red, blue and yellow, fill up the inside of the butterfly designs. The same thing has to be done for the floral designs. Seal with a top coat.

Spring Nail Designs

Image Credit: lookingfancy

12. Japanese cherry spring nails

This amazing spring nail art takes its inspiration from the pretty cherry blossoms of Japan. You have to coat your nails with a base coat of nude polish. Apply a second coat and dry. Use black to make random strokes to resemble branches and draw blossoms in red and white. Once dry, use a brush and yellow paint to make small dots inside the blossoms as seen.

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Image Credit: blogspot

13. Black spring polka dot nails

Begin by applying a base coat. Dry and then coat with black all over the nails. Once dry, take a dotting tool make polka dots in pastel colors of your liking. Seal with a top coat to retain the design.

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Image Credit: alyceparis

14. Colorful spring rainbow nails

This colorful nail art is one of the prettiest spring nail designs to have been showcased here. You will need to buy some nice and bright spring colors like red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple and white. Take some white or nude shade and apply as a base coat. Once dry, take a brush and paint different strokes in different colors. The pattern should be like a rainbow and once dry, seal with a top coat.

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15. Rainbow neon spring nails

Apply a base coat and then paint your nails with myriad neon colors like the ones that you can see below. Use a make up sponge to create the gradient look. Paint three colors on the sponge and press down each nail. For a few nails where only two neon shades are needed, apply these over the sponge and press all over. Once a little dry, stick matching studs in a similar pattern.

Nail Art Tutorials

Image Credit: handmadedreamsofmine

16. Spring cupcake nails

Cupcakes find their special place in many nail art tutorials as these look cute. You begin by coating your nails with a base layer of mint candy apple. Now, using a brush or some other tool, draw the cupcakes with Sally Hansen Presto Pink and another shade of pink by Wet n Wild. For the icing, use any shade by China Glaze, here purple is used. For the sprinkles, use Presto Pink, pink by Wet n Wild plus OPI Done Out in Deco. Seal with a top clear coat.

Spring Nails

Image Credit: blogspot

17. Midnight spring floral nails

For getting these super gorgeous spring nails, start with a base coat. Dry and then paint dark blue on three nails. Use any light shade on two of the nails. Let the nails dry. Then, using brush and white, draw polka dots and flowers all over. For the light painted nails, use white again to create flowers and dots.

Spring Nails

Image Credit: lovebrownsugar

18. Stunning beads and flowers spring nails

After applying a base coat, paint all the nails (except thumb, index and middle fingers) with any pastel shade. Use a fine brush and a mix of purple, red and pastel to create flowers. Paint the leaves using green. Apply a clear coat and stick beads or studs on the nails painted with pastel. Seal with a top coat.

spring nail art

Image Credit: amazingnailart

19. Shimmering green floral spring nails

For these French manicured tips, paint them using green glittery polish and dry. Use dotting tool to make white dots just on the tips. For the floral designs, use a brush to make the flowers in white. Put yellow dots in the middle of each flower. Seal with a clear top coat.

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Image Credit: nailsmag

20. Beautiful silver spring nails

Paint coats of white, mint green and silver glitter on nails as seen. For the thumb, make strips in mint green using tapes or freehand. The strips can be bordered with golden or silver lining to accentuate the look. Stick a silver bow jewel on the nail along with white polka dots. Stick stones at the bottom of the nails.

spring nail art

Image Credit: fashiondivadesign

21. DIY spring floral nails

Apply a base coat of light purple and dry. Take a pencil and dip its end on a blob of blue paint poured over a plastic sheet to make small dots in perfect roundel shapes. Using a thin brush, start making petals in semi circles inside the dots. Make random leaves in green. Seal with a top coat that dries up fast.

Spring Nail Designs

Image Credit: bespoke-bride

So…how do you find these super cool and breezy spring nail designs to be flaunted this spring? We are sure that these lovely designs would definitely feature on your nails when you go out and party! Go ahead and try one of these creative nail tutorials that are easy to do and lend a stylish streak to your personality.