21 Killer Skull Nail Art Design Tutorials


Skull nail art looks quite funky and most young gals swear by this cool nail trend that has been in fashion for many years and am sure the trend will continue in the coming years too. Skull nails typically look spooky and very cute, though, at times can even look very beautiful, when decorated with floral patterns and stones. Take a look as I bring before you the 21 killer skull nail art tutorials to take your breath away!

1. Skull And Bow Design On Pink Zebra Nails

Fill your nail (thumb) with a base coat of white. Using pink acrylic polish and a brush, make zebra strips diagonally or in a slanting direction, but you have the freedom to make random wavy strips as seen. Paint a coat of nude glitter paint all over. On the thumb, using black acrylic paint, draw a X with bones painted at its ends. This depicts cross bones. Dry. Then, using white acrylic, make similar cross design inside the black X motif. Now, make the bow in black and white. Fill the white portion with light green acrylic paint. Fill the tips of the other nails with white. Make pink zebra strips again. Now, make a bow in black. Repeat the steps like you did for the first nail. For the third nail, apply a base coat of white and then make strips in pink. Once dry, using black acrylic paint, make the outline of the skull and fill it completely using white, line the inside of the skull and make the teeth. Make the bow on top of the skull with black and fill up with green. Use black to make eye patches, one small, and the other big to resemble a skull pirate. Apply a top coat.

Skull Nail Art

Image Credit: ytimg

2. Festive Skull Nail Design

Paint your nails with a base coat of jet black. Dry and then, using a brush and white paint, make bubbles or circles. Fill these up with white. Dry the nails and then, using white again, make extensions from the circles to make skulls. Once done, use black to make eyes for all the skulls. Apply a top coat.

Skull Nail Art

Image Credit: styleglow

3. Amazing Floral Skull Nail Design

Paint your nails with a base coat of mint green polish. Once dry, brush with gold glitter all over. Add white nail art strips to any one of the nails. From the decals sheet, cut those that you need and dip these into water kept in a bowl. Using a tweezer, pull these out and apply to your nails. Press over to remove bubbles. Now, apply a top coat.

Skull Nail Art

Image Credit: oliviafrescura

4. Colorful Sugar Skull Nail Design

Paint your index and pinky with a base coat of black, and for the other three, use white. For the first two nails, use pink and blue polishes to make tiny flowers with a nail art brush. Fill the middle of these flowers with yellow. Dry. For the thumb and ring finger, stick two stone stickers to resemble the eyes of the skull and surround these with floral petals in myriad colors. Use black to create the nose and mouth. Fill the inner portion of the mouth with white circles to resemble teeth. Draw random lines in pink and yellow on the face of the skull. Apply a top coat.

Skull Nail Art

Image Credit: buzznet

5. Beautiful Pink And Mauve Sugar Skull Nail Design

Apply a base coat of black on all nails. For a few nails, draw a cross design with white, while for another nail, you can make a rosary with white. For the pinky and middle finger, take a nail art brush to make small roses. Once dry, dab on some mauve randomly to add spice. Add green to resemble leaves. For the ring and middle finger of the other hand, paint your black nails with white, showing a little black from the sides. Then, using light blue, pink, white and black, make the sugar skull face. Seal with a top coat. Sugar skull nails like this are trending this year in a big way!

Skull Nail Art

Image Credit: buzznet

6. Beautiful Halloween Skull Nail Design

Paint your nails with black except the ring finger that has to be polished in white. These two shades will be your base coat. Dry up. Now, using black paint and a nail brush, make two circles to resemble eyes. Fill these eyes with tiny floral like dots in different colors. Use grey and white together to make a triangular nose. Draw a curve to make the mouth and follow it up with tiny black dots to represent the teeth. Fill up with white.

Skull Nails

Image Credit: fashionmio

7. Intricate Sugar Nail Design

Paint thumb, middle finger and pinky with shimmery pink polish. Dry. Paint the index and ring finger with white polish. Let the nails dry. Now, for the first three nails, use black and a brush to make floral patterns in an intricate manner. You are free to use curves as you want. Then, stick two stones, one pair on each nail to resemble eyes. Follow it up with the nose and mouth of the skulls. Outline the skulls with random strokes of pink and white paints. Draw various patterns outside the skulls using any color like blue and black. Seal these skull nails with a top coat.

Skull Nails

Image Credit: mundodaunha

8. Stylish Skull With Bow Nail Design

Paint all nails, except the ring finger with black color as a base coat. Now, make a circle in white on top of the middle nail. Extend the design to make teeth dabbed in black. Make eyes and nose. Do the same on the thumb, but here the eyes have to be made in the shape of hearts. Dry and then make bows in pink. For the index, make tiny skulls all over on white, while, for the ring finger that is painted in pink coral, make a small skull towards the tips. Brush some sparkles near the skull as seen. Paint bones, both individual and X shaped on the pinky. Apply a top coat.

Skull Nails

Image Credit: staticflickr

9. Vibrant Neon Skull Nail Design

For this Technicolor nail art, you can choose any neon polish, three in number and start painting them as base coat. You can try out five different neon shades if you wish to. Dry and then using black, make the eyes, heart shaped noses and teeth. For the teeth, make a little thicker strips using freehand. Seal with a top coat of clear polish to add gloss.

Skull Nails

Image Credit: swatchandlearn

10. Killer Pink And Purple Checks With Skull Design

Nail tutorials like this will blow your minds off! Paint your nails with dark pink as base coat. Once dry, use a brush and purple shade to make checks as seen in the image. Dry the nails and then using white make tiny skull motifs on all the nails towards the bottom. You can also make floral designs and crowns to compliment the skulls.

Skull Nails

Image Credit: easynailart

11. Black Skulls With Pink Bow Nail Design

Paint the nails using white polish that comes without any gloss. Apply a second coat and then let the nails dry. Now, take a nail art brush and dip it in black to make the skulls, beginning with the circular head, followed with its broad jawline. Dry and then, make eyes with a dotting tool in white. Next, make nose. Using the brush, make cross bones outside the skulls. Seal with a top coat.

Sugar Skull Nails

Image Credit: nailartgallery.nailsmag

12. Alexander McQueen Nail Art With Skull Design

Paint nails with an opaque base coat or a coat of off color. Now, apply black all over and dry. Use an acrylic paint in white to make the skulls. Black is needed for making eyes, nose, mouth and the upper part of the skull in the form of dots and side burns. Seal with an off colored top coat.

Sugar Skull Nails

Image Credit: thestudiobymdm

13. Glamorous Silver Glittery Skull Nail Design

Paint a base coat of clear nail polish on all nails. Dry, and then paint a circle and the lower jawline of the skulls with silver glittery polish. Fill the insides of the skulls and dry the nails. Thereafter, use a dotting tool or brush to make eyes in silvery grey. Make noses too with the same color. Stick tiny sparklers or stones to make teeth. Seal with a top coat.

Sugar Skull Nails

Image Credit: littlehaven

14. Glittery Skull With Pink Hairdo

Apply a base coat of clear polish, dry and then paint with silver grey glittery nail polish. For all the nails except the ring finger, take a brush and stick bigger sparkles or glitter from the bottle and stick crossbones stickers randomly. On the ring finger, take a brush and using pink, make a hairdo design. Dry. Make a circle to resemble the skull directly under the pink hairdo. Add a white bow on top of the head. Paint a top coat.

Sugar Skull Nails

Image Credit: slodive

15. Silver Foil Skull Nail Design

These nail tutorials are easy to be done. All you have to do is buy a set of these silver foil wraps imprinted with skulls and crossbones. Now, apply a base coat of clear polish. Dry. Then, apply some glue and stick these foils only after you have cut them up beforehand. For any extra edges, clip off using a nail cutter. You are done!

Sugar Skull Nails

Image Credit: wordpress

16. Bright Skull Nail Design

This nail design looks quite perfect for hot summers. Start to paint your nails in cool colors of pink, yellow and light green. Now, cut out skull, heart, star and script decals from your kitty. Apply a coat of clear polish and stick these decals immediately. Apply a top coat.

Nail Art Tutorials

Image Credit: aliimg

17. Feminine Skull Nail Design

For achieving this fab skull nail art, you need base coat, top coat, shimmery polishes in pink and white; acrylic paints in shades of hot pink, white, blue, yellow, and black and a detailing brush. Paint two coats of pastel pink on all nails. Now, paint two coats of shimmery white shade. Using your detailing brush and white acrylic polish, make a skull with its head turned to one side. Here, you would make the head, cheekbone and the jaw. Fill it up with white. Using hot pink, make flowers at the back of the head. For the detailing of the flowers designs, mix white and pink shades to create a lighter tone of pink and make the details. For the green leaves, mix yellow and blue colors and make them behind the flowers. For the details inside the leaves, mix yellow and blue again and draw them. Using black, make the eye sockets, nose, cheekbone line, temple and teeth. For the shading inside the skull, paint grey that can be made by mixing black and white colors. Paint a top coat.

Nail Art Tutorials

Image Credit: ytimg

18. Gorgeous 3D Skull And Flowers Nail Design

Take black acrylic powder and pale white, brush and fake nails. Firstly, take the fake nails and dab black acrylic paint with a brush. Extend it further to make the outline of a skull. Take white and make nose. Make eye sockets with white again, though, you needn’t make clear cut designs. It can be messy too. Now, make the cheekbones and upper jaw too. To get a teeth effect, take the brush and bring it down to press on the paint and take it off again. Keep doing it till you get all the teeth. Use black acrylic paint to add textures inside the skull. For the flowers, use pink and purple to mix them and create a dot, extending it to make petals in random shapes. Make these flowers on top of the skull’s head and on its side. Paint the original nails with a pale pink. Thereafter, paint the tips with purple. Now, apply a clear coat on the nails and stick the acrylic 3D skull and flowers. Stick petals or beads as shown.

Nail Art Tutorials

Image Credit: ytimg

19. Valentine Hearts And Skulls Nail Design

You would need a base coat, red polish, shimmery maroon brown polish, white polish, a glitter polish as top coat, a make-up sponge piece, shades of neon purple, fuchsia, black and white. Paint white all over the nails. Now, apply colors of maroonish brown and red on the sponge and press it down on the nails. Apply a few more coats. Apply a top coat of glitter polish. Then, make a heart with white and fill it up. Use black to make the skull outline and fill it up. Apply black inside the heart to leave a white border, and do the same with the skull with white. Make eyes and nose. Take a small bowl and mix all the neon colors with white to make zig zag lines inside the heart. Use light pink to add highlights to these lines. Seal with a top coat.

Nail Art Tutorials

Image Credit: ytimg

20. Sugar Skull Nail Design In Shimmery Pinkish Mauve And White

Paint all your nails with a base coat of clear polish. Then, use white and pinkish mauve polish to paint as base colors. For the white painted nails, draw sugar skulls (with little protrusions to resemble teeth) in an outline using black polish. Then, make eyes and upside hearts with black. Dry. Next, take a dotting tool and dip it in shades of pink, blue, green and yellow to make designs and floral motifs inside the skulks. Seal with a top coat.

Nail Art Tutorials

Image Credit: pinimg

21. Colorful Sugar Skull Nail Design With Roses And Diamonds

You will need to paint your nails with a base coat of white by any brand like Revlon. Now, taking a brush and black polish, draw a curve or a line with an inward slant to resemble the mouth and teeth of the skull. Then, paint with red and pink to make floral eye sockets. Make an upside heart with black for the nose. Create the jawline with black. For the rose bunch, use red to make the outer petals, then, fill up with black. Take green shade to make leaves. Stick two green diamonds on both the nails that have rose bunch designs. For the pinky and thumb, make strips in colors of pink, green, white, black and red. Make the criss cross design with dots using black. Seal with a top coat.

Nail Tutorials

Image Credit: formfuncadelic

With these amazing skull nail art tutorials showcased above, I have no doubts that you pretty gals will try one of these cuties right away! From simple to gorgeous sugar skull nails with floral designs, you have the freedom to select the one that suits your attire, your attitude and your style!