30 Creative Designs For Short Stiletto Nails

by Shirlyn

Have you seen “witch claws” in real life? Ofcourse I’m not talking about a REAL witch here because if I didand you saw one, then you better watch yourself. The claws that I’m saying here are nails that were intentionally grew long and were shaped life edges of a knife.
These nail “contouring” has been in the fashion trend for the longest time although only patronized by a few. It creates intrigue, fear, and nowadays, fame. Most of the time, people make their nails long and sharp for props to portray a particular role.
Now, with the nail art business getting such buzz, this design now has a new name which is a lot acceptable compared to “witch claws”. This nail design which is now called “stilleto” nail can now be either short or long. In this post, we showcase the short stilleto types. Different polishes and nail art designs have been applied to these nails and are as famous as the normal-shaped ones. Some famous celebrities were also noticed to have these nails which they actually rocked. Go on and check this out yourselves.

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30 Creative Designs For Short Stiletto Nails

Here are the 30 Creative Designs For Short Stiletto Nails. You may also take a look at the 35 Superb Stiletto Nail Art Ideas collection for further design inspiration.

30. Rhinestones Accent Over White Stiletto Nails

Image Credit: Nail Design Idea Ever


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