30 Enchanting Navy Blue Nail Designs


There is an old saying that goes “simplicity is beauty” and in the world of fashion trends, this is so true most of the time. Sometimes, too much accessories and uniqueness strays everything from the true objective of fashion which is to create beauty.

This principle also applies in nail art business. Although there are new innovations to the designs which are extravagant and loud, the basics will still maintain its place in the top choices. A good example of this is a collection of nail art with one plain background polish of navy blue. Personally, I see the color choice as one of the best nail polish color out there. It is elegant, sophisticated and easy to wear. Since its nail art, additional yet simple designs are incorporated into it using glitters, other polishes, and even cute stickers. The navy blue provides the best background for the nail art since its dark, accentuating whatever design is on top of it.

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To see is to believe right? So better check out the navy blue nail art samples offered to you guys here. Because of its awesomeness, surely, this collection will place itself into one of my all-time favorites. Below are the 30 Enchanting Navy Blue Nail Designs:

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28Gold And Floral Accent On Navy Blue Nails

Image Credit: AFD