30 Enticing Back To School Nails


I know its not on the right timing but I am too eager to showcase this cool theme for nail art that I just found out a couple of days back. For young ladies out there, this theme will take you back to the happy days of playing and learning without the hassles of life and love.

Back-to-school nail art is all about the nostalgic and mischief of early education. From the ABCs down to 123s, this design theme captures all that we love and miss during our school days. There are nail samples that feature the blackboard, the supplies, and the books that we usually use inside a classroom. Some others depict good memories of goofing around while waiting for our teachers to come in.

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School days will always be one of the best memories we will have in our lives. Always cherish the moments and do not forget the good and bad things we learned from the four corners of our classrooms. As a treat, you may reminisce your school memories from the collection featured today.


30Blackboard Inspired Nails

Image Credit: Pinterest