30 Exquisite Mandala Nail Art Ideas

by Rose Walker

Known patterns are always favored subjects of the modern arts. Aside from its given beauty, the lines, curves, and repeatitions allow artists to create a solid design plan which is easy to execute.

One of the famous patterned designs in the world are the mandalas. Mandalas originated from south asia and are connected to the region’s religious beliefs. Nowadays, mandalas are common subjects for modern visual arts like digital, tattoos, and nail art. In nail art, part of the whole mandala design are painted and decorated into one’s nails. Most of the mandala inspired nail arts are done on pastel colored polishes then the pattern are painted in black or with color combinations.

30 Exquisite Mandala Nail Art Ideas

It may look like a spider web and sometimes flower petals to some but make no mistake mandalas are sophisticated designs with a beautiful history to know of. Having it on you not just give you cool nails, it also connects you to the awesome cultures of the world.

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Take a look at these 30 Exquisite Mandala Nail Art Ideas and fall inlove!

30. Mandala Print On Grey Nails

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