30 Imaginative Striped Nails


In the not so long ago, stripes were once the mania of fashion. People used to prefer striped wardrobes over plains because it is unique and creates illusion for height and weight. It may not be as famous as before, but stripe designs still convince people to buy a particular wardrobe or art nowadays.

As a respect of the contribution of stripes into the history of art and fashion, this nail art post is dedicated to it. In nail art, it is so easy to apply stripe designs. One nail artist can just paint a single tone color to all nails then right after, apply second layer that creates the stripe patterns. Stripe designs applied to nails can either be done horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or combination of any that was already said. The stripe pattern can also be done using glitters or tapes thereby creating 3D effect to nails.

Stripes, may it be on flags or nails, will always be a timeless design technique that undoubtedly will never ever leave the world of fashion. Get your own stripe nails now and be ready to be a famous citizen for awhile.

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Here are the 30 Imaginative Striped Nails for everyone! Also, you may visit the 30 Dashing Geometric Nail Art Ideas collection for more interesting nail designs!

30Thin Stripes Nail Design

Image Credit: Instagram