30 Japanese Nail Art For Ladies

by Shirlyn

The country of Japan has always been a leading innovator in technology and fashion while being very conscious to the preservation of its heritage and natural gifts of their lands. Because of the undying loyalty to their lands, japanese maintains to be one of the most respected people in the whole world.

Speaking of fashion innovation, japanese nail art creates noise these days because of its intricate combination of simplicity and being trendy. There are famous nail art lines in Japan that one can’t have unless one goes to Japan himself/herself. The next best thing though is through imitating the designs unique to their nail art and apply it to your nails. Distinguishable features of japanese nail art are the nude-colored polishes, gems, and painted art of the famous landmarks and symbols of Japan.

30 Japanese Nail Art For Ladies

Get a feel of Japan through nail art. Some of the best samples for this are compiled in this article, all for you guys out there.

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Take a look at these 30 Japanese Nail Art For Ladies! You may also visit our 40 Gorgeous Flowers On Nails Designs collection. Kunichiwa!

30. Thin Layered Flower With Gold Center Nail Art

Image Credit: Be Modish


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