30 Sophisticated Design Of Swarovski Crystals For Nails


Bling is every woman’s best friend. Did I say it right? I mean, putting the burden to just diamonds would not represent all of the trendy ladies out there nowadays. In this generation, jewels that makes women happy are not just diamonds, they now come in different forms and names.

For easy access to shiny accessories, women turn to crystals. One famous jewelry line for crystals is Swarovski. Swarovski provides different forms of shiny crystals to usual daily fashion necessities of human like watches, gadgets, and protective casings. However recently, these crystals were found to be glued into nails and the art results are fabulous. Nail art designs with Swarovski crystals are obviously shinier, trendier, and much, much more crowd-getter. Just like jewels, the crystals are incorporated into specific designs as outlines or they are the main highlight of the nails. Combinations of small and large crystals also adds to the complexity of the art design making the nail more delicate and glamorous.

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Don’t get blinded or be intimidated by the shine of these nails studded with Swarovski. This is the new trend everyone, entice yourself into the spectacles or be left behind, outshined by the rays of the future. Here are the 30 Sophisticated Design Of Swarovski Crystals For Nails!


30Ombre Ballerina Nails With Swarovski Crystals

Image Credit: Instagram