34 Awesome Cheetah Print Nails

by Rose Walker

Do you guys sometime feel the need for speed? If you have the wheels, you may get on it and beat the limits, just be careful on the roads though. For some of us who do not have, then we look for something else to satisfy our urges.

For an animal like the cheetahs, the need for speed is no problem since they literally define speed in the animal kingdom. We humans could not even dream of getting close to cheetah’s speed when running. For the ladies out there who just want to feel how to be a cheetah, painting their nails with cheetah prints would probably be the closest transformation from the real thing. Black spots on an orange coat is a great design to nails of ladies who want to define both fashion and speed.

34 Awesome Cheetah Print Nails

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Check out the cheetah nail arts we have for you today and let’s see if you can handle the Gs from its speed of beauty.


32. Cheetah Nail Accent On Nude Stiletto Nails

Image Credit: Pinterest


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