35 Mouthwatering Food Nail Art Design


I strongly believe that more than anything else in this world, humans are being controlled by food. They say that money makes the world go round but as for me, people try hard to earn money for them to survive and experience good life. By survival and good life, it just means eating the best food when you’re asking for it, am I right?

The importance of food can be described in three ways—currency, nourishment, and entertainment. The largest trade activities around the world all deals with food or food materials. At the same time, all living things need food in all forms in order to function and flourish. As for entertainment, it is obvious that we are inspired to do work if we know that it secures food for us and for our loved ones. In addition, just the sight of food or arts that depict food creates an effect on our brains that releases mixed emotions within us.

Now, the influence of food reaches new heights and has conquered the business of nail art. Some of the new designs that are coming out there showcase cute and scrumptious food subjects. The designs could be fruits or cakes or even fried chicken and the list could go on. In the end, food nail art is surely always be finger lickin’ good (no stealing of rights intended).

Take a look at these 35 Mouthwatering Food Nail Art Design and be inspired!

35Popcorn Nail Art Design

Image Credit: Instagram