35 Sweet Holiday Nail Designs

by Shirlyn Ramos

Something is coming very soon and it is making all people around the world super busy and at the same time, super excited. This is not just an event or a single personality whom everyone is dying to meet, but this is a series of events that is makes up the most enjoyable week of the year.

The holiday combo of Christmas and New Year which happen a week apart is the ultimate party season for most of the countries in the world. Aside from its significance to our belief system, it is also the holidays that require extravagant decorations that must be put up and stay for a couple of weeks. Throughout the years, a lot symbols are being tagged along with these holidays that people would never run out of ideas for decoration. For the nail art post today, we will revisit all those symbols and things that are associated to both Christmas and New Year and let’s enjoy on nails.

35 Sweet Holiday Nail Designs

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Holiday nail designs are festive and colorful. Just like fireworks, these nail designs are mean to give light and joy to ladies’ nails all over the world. Get ready to celebrate the upcoming holidays and may you rock the designs featured!



35. Blue Themed Holiday Nails

Image Credit: Gramfeed


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