38 Stunning Cherry Blossom Nail Art


The country of Japan has a lot of amazing things to offer to the people of the world. Aside from the innovations in technology, Japan is famously known for its rich culture, the japanese animation or anime, and of course, the sakura or the cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms are like a dreamy trees, its characteristics are something you can only experience through your dreams. Especially during the spring season, this tree produces the most amazing pink flora that captivates not just the hearts of lovers but most of the hearts of the world. Because of these lovely blossoms, sakura has a constant spotlight in the world of art. In nail art, cherry blossoms are an expected hit. They can be painted and decorated on almost all kinds of background shades.

Just like any other floral nail designs, bring the freshness and loveliness of cherry blossoms unto your finger tips and spread the love wherever you may go. Enjoy the amazing sakura nail arts samples below.

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Take a look at our 38 Stunning Cherry Blossom Nail Art collection!

38Cherry Blossoms On Salmon Polish

Image Credit: Pinterest