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30 Gorgeous Grey Nails To Keep You In Style

If you’re too bored with nude nails but too shy to wear bold colors, then these grey nails will totally inspire you! Grey is definitely one of the best colors for your nails. It looks good whether it’s matte or glossy. It comes in different shades, too. Y... [read more]

28 BTS Nails That Are Taking Over The Internet

BTS fans, where you at? We’ve got BTS nails for you. BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan (in Korean) are a 7-member Korean group that’s been making waves internationally since their win for Top Social Artist in the Billboard Music awards where they bested establish... [read more]

18 Cute Pisces Nail Art Inspirations You Won’t Be Able to Resist

Looking for something to spice up your style? You’ve come to the right place! Pisces-born people are known for their artistic talent. They are deeply creative and skilled in a variety of things. They learn mostly through absorption which is why they are h... [read more]

20 Fab Aquarius Nails That Will Surely Win Your Heart

Ready for some Aquarius nails inspiration? Aquarius-born people are known to be creative and broad-minded. They use their mind all the time and when there’s not enough mental stimulation, they feel bored and they lose motivation. See Also: 15 Awesome Sagi... [read more]

13 Trendy Capricorn Nails To Impress Your Friends

Capricorn-born people are ambitious and determined. This is why they make really great leaders and organizers. Apart from those traits, they are also known for being patient and tolerant. If they decide to do something, they will make sure to complete it.... [read more]

15 Awesome Sagittarius Nails You Can Easily Do At Home

If you’re bored of your usual nail design, today’s collection of awesome Sagittarius nails can bring back the spice to your life. Sagittarius loves freedom. People born under this sign love to travel and expose themselves to new destinations and cultures.... [read more]

21 Impressive Scorpio Nails You’ll Totally Adore

Mysterious and strong-willed. Those are two words that perfectly describe Scorpio-born people. They have a really magnetic charm that’s a bit hard to ignore. They are passionate and incredibly faithful. See Also: 13 Virgo Nail Art Ideas To Spice Up Your S... [read more]

15 Libra Nail Art Inspirations That Are Far From Boring

Romantic, kind and gentle- these are the main traits that completely describe people born under the zodiac sign Libra. With its ruling planet being Venus, all the things they do in life are influenced by love. They are fascinated by justice and balance. T... [read more]

13 Virgo Nail Art Ideas To Spice Up Your Style

Ready for some really cool Virgo nail art ideas? Ruled by Mercury, Virgos can get a lot of things done and they execute their tasks perfectly. This is one good reason why they are such an asset at work. They are intelligent and highly critical. They pay a... [read more]

15 Bold Leo Nails You’ll Surely Love

Fierce and bold. That’s how we’re describing this collection of Leo nails. Influenced by the sun, Leo are energetic and full of positive vibes. They are optimistic and seldom disheartened by drawbacks. They are quite frank and you can expect them to say e... [read more]