20 Best Coffin Nail Designs


Naildesigners, we have got a special treat for you today — the best coffin nail designs that will have you looking sophisticated and glamorous.

Coffin-shaped nails are one of the most popular nail shapes for women, if not the most popular. The name may sound strange and the claw-like shape may seem intimidating for first-timers, but coupled with a great design and matching fashionable outfits, you’ll be a standout with this shape of nails.

You can recognize a coffin-shaped nail through its long shape, tapering tip, and flat end. A prettier name for them would be ballerina nails in reference this time to the graceful shape of pointe ballet shoes typically worn by ballerinas.

The benefit of having ballerina or coffin nails is that they look great with bold designs and colors owing to their length and shape. It’s an opportunity to make a statement with your nail designs especially if you employ decals, gems, or sparkles.

Check out our collection of best nail coffin designs to see exactly what we mean.

1Rhinestones and Blue Long Coffin Nail Art

Photo Credit: Aneesa De Coteau

2Matte Nails with Simple yet Elegant Look in Rhinestone

Photo Credit: MzShawnShawn

3Mickey and Minnie Mouse Nail Art

Photo Credit: Ashanti Banks

4Long White Red Lips Gold Nail Art Design

Photo Credit: Princess Lisa

5Look Like a Queen Nails

Photo Credit: jpmartinez23’s

6Simple but Elegant Look in Blue Green

Photo Credit: Taraivia Carter

7Bloody Look Nails

Photo Credit: Kelley Montana

8Mint Green Coffin Nails with Gold Details

Photo Credit: Alayshasmith


9Devious Galaxy Inspired Nail Art Design

Photo Credit: simplynailogical

10White Nails with Gold Embellishments and Rhinestones

Photo Credit: malishka702_nails

11Dodgy White Art Nail

Photo Credit: thenailboss

12Sweet Pink Rose Gold Shimmering Nail

Photo Credit: hubz.info

13Fierce Black and Red Matte Nails

Photo Credit: KorTeN StEiN????

14Navy and Gold Nails

Photo Credit: Daisy Vergara

15Red and Black Matte with Gold and Rhinestones

Photo Credit: NailsByMztina

16Hatched Chick in Yellow Nails with Polka Dots

Photo Credit: nailsbyjema

17Dazzling Stars and Galaxy Nails Inspire

Photo Credit: simplynailogical



18Lovely Pink with Chevron Art in Coffin Nails

Photo Credit: @nailedbymary

19Pink Coffin Nails with Rhinestones

Photo Credit: QueenA ?

20Halloween Pumpkin and Black Cat Nail Design