10 Best Nail Art Tools You Need In Your Life Now

by Rose

Thinking of doing your own nail art but unsure where to start? We’ve got you covered!

Doing your own nails has a ton of benefits. You get to save money you’d otherwise spend at the spa, it’s a very relaxing activity so it can help you de-stress, and design-wise, you have more control as you can experiment anytime.

10 Best Nail Art Tools You Need In Your Life Now

Of course, it will take time and a bit of practice but, trust us. DIY nail art is really easy to do if you already have the best nail art tools around.

If you are just about to build your manicure kit or you’re thinking of upgrading it, here are some of the most essential items you shouldn’t miss.

Dotter Tools and Brushes

This is one of the most important tools you’ll need if you want to create really intricate designs. Dotter tools can help you create dots of various sizes and swirls in a matter of seconds.

This one from Bundle Monster has 5 double-sided dotting tools. Each one is made with unfinished wood handles for better grip and comfort. Apart from those, you also get 15 brushes and tools you can use for painting and creating fine details.

Here’s a video tutorial of what you can do with dotting tools.

The kit comes in a travel roll-out bag to keep everything neat and organized.

At such a cheap price, it’s very hard to pass up this nail design essential.

Nail Stamping Plates

If you are having a hard time creating your own design, then these nail stamping plates are your next best option. One set has 12 templates and each plate is made of metal. It’s great for professional nail artists and people who are still learning nail art.

Orange Wood Stick

For beginners who are not sure if they are going to be taking up nail art as a serious hobby, you can get an orange wood stick for the meantime instead of a full set of dotter tools. As simple as they look, they can help you create beautiful dots and marbling designs.

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Nail Polish Remover

You don’t necessarily have to be a pro nail artist to create really beautiful designs. You just need to have the best nail polish remover to get rid of the excess polish or to correct a mistake.

Our favorite is Pure Body Naturals Nail Polish Remover. It has no acetate or acetone and is completely 100% biodegradable. It’s non-toxic and really easy to use. It can strengthen nails, too.

Nail Transfer Foils

Nail transfer foils are like temporary tattoos for your nails. You just have to stick the nail part of the foil to your wet nail polish and peel up its backing to leave the part of the foil behind. After that, just secure everything in place with a top coat. Starry Sky Foil Transfer comes in 24 colors. There’s 100 cm of foil per roll.

Nail Stripping Tape

This thin metallic tape can enhance your nail art either by being part of the actual design or by being pressed onto your nails and then lifted away for really straight lines. Our most recommended is Sannysis 30 Color Rolls Striping Tape Line. For its price, you get 30 rolls of really pretty colors.

Loose Glitter

You can buy loose glitter from your favorite craft store. However, if you really want to take your nail designs to a whole new level, get this Nail Art Glitter Powder from CyberStyle. It’s a set of 45 colored glitter powders that can work with regular nail polish or UV builder gel.

Polish Barrier

Save time and your sanity by investing in this Simply Peel Off Latex Tape. It’s a great product for keeping cuticles clean and polish-free. You can use it when creating gradient manicures, water marbles and splatter nails.

All you have to do is apply it liberally around your nails and wait for it to dry before doing your nail art. Just before your nail polish fully dries and sets, peel the barrier slowly. It’s the secret to professional-looking manicures!


For adding beads and stones to your multidimensional nail art, a pair of tweezers shouldn’t be out of your manicure kit. Tweezers with curved designs, like this one from Leegoal, make a great choice since they allow a more precise application. It’s less than 5 inches which can easily fit your grip.

Nail Art Stickers

For days you lack creativity but still want to flaunt really beautiful nails, you can use nail art stickers. These stickers have strong adhesive backing so you won’t have to worry about them peeling off after just a few days. You can apply them on dry nail polish and just seal everything with a quick drying top coat.

This one from Tinksky is really cool. For its size, you’ll get 50 sheets of 3D designs. Each is made from durable hard PVC which ensures longevity. They are very easy to apply whether you’re working at a nail salon or you’re doing your own nail art at home.


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