30 Calming Blue Nail Art


Feeling patriotic and sad? Do you ever feel that you are from a royal descent that was thrown away in order to hide your true identity? Or do you just love staring at the vast sky above? Then, blue nail art is right for you.

The color blue is one of the most loved color anywhere in the world. In fact, countries prefer blue to be part of the main colors of their country’s flag. The color blue is also stereotyped for men and royals which pretty much means dominance and the ruling type. Blue nail art is one of the most sought after in the business. Not only that blue is a relatively dark, cool background which is ideal base for art designs and 3D accessories, the color itself easily blends in with any occasion. Different shades of blue also corresponds to mood, intention, and generation like powder blue for youngsters, sky blue for free-spirited, and royal blue for aged sophistication.

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We have a lot of blue nail art sample for you guys today. Check it out and get your own.

29Stones And Lace Blue Nail Art

Image Credit: Nenuno