Broken Nails Remedy: The 4 Effective Tricks to Restoring Your Nails


Having brittle nails that break is not fun. Apart from making your nail polish look odd, it can also make your hands look unhealthy. And that’s the last thing you want to happen, right?

The good news is that there are a lot of things you can do to fix your nails. However, before we get to the tips, it’s important that you know what causes brittle and broken nails first. Knowing the reasons why they happen can help you prevent them from occurring in the first place.

What Causes Brittle Nails?

From items and products you use every day to the same products you use to make your nails stronger, you’ll be surprised at the number of things that can weaken your nails.

Check out the most common causes below:

  • Exposure to Harsh Products

    Frequently exposing your hands to harsh solvents, cleaning products, and soaps can strip your nails’ natural oils. This, as a result, can damage your nails’ keratin, causing them to become brittle and begin fraying. Eventually, the layers will split and your nails will break.

  • Using the Wrong Nail Hardeners

    Nail hardeners are great remedies to broken nails. However, there are products that cause more harm than good. For example, nail hardeners with formaldehyde and alcohol can dry your nails’ natural oils. After wearing them for a few weeks, you can expect the splitting to get worse.

  • Trauma

    Frequently wetting and drying your nails can also make them brittle. Your nails get weak which makes them prone to breakage.

  • Underlying Medical Conditions

    Certain lung conditions, low thyroid functions, and endocrine disorders can cause brittle nails. Malnutrition and certain skin diseases can leave you with weak nails as well.

Tips in Fixing Broken Nails

  • Use a Tea Bag

    After preparing your favorite tea, don’t throw out your used bag just yet. It turns out that tea bags make an oh-so-easy broken nails remedy.

    1. Start with clean nails. Take out any base coat or polish if you’re wearing one.
    2. Get your tea bag and cut it close to the width and length of the break in your nails.
    3. Get a glue and add a drop of it on a wood stick. Carefully dab it over your target area.
    4. Using a pair of tweezers, pick up the piece of teabag and apply it over the break.
    5. Allow it to dry.
    6. With your nail file or buffer, smooth out your nail’s surface.
    7. After making sure that your nail is smooth, gently push your cuticles and apply a quality oil.
    8. Continue with a base coat as it makes the surface of your nails more flexible.
      Apply a protective top coat as necessary.
  • Apply Fake Nails

    While waiting for your nails to grow, you can apply fake nails. If you worry about your nails not looking natural, here’s a quick tutorial to show you the right way to apply fake nails like a pro.

  • Fix It with Silk Wraps

    A silk wrap, similar to a teabag, reinforces the nail along the broken parts so you can apply your nail polish perfectly. You can buy it some from your local beauty store or request it from your nail salon.

    To apply a silk wrap, here are the steps you can follow:

    1. Start with polish-free nails.
    2. Clean your nails with rubbing alcohol.
    3. Place the strip over your nail, beginning at the nail bed.
    4. Take your nail glue and gently brush some over the strip. Make sure to cover the nails completely.
    5. Dip the affected nail into the nail powder that comes with the kit, and brush away any excess.
    6. Repeat the last 2 steps.
    7. Cut the excess silk wrap that hangs off the tip of your nail and file according to your desired shape.
    8. If there are bumps, buff them away until you get smooth nails.
      Paint your nails as usual.
  • Apply a Clear Nail Polish

    If you don’t have a teabag or a silk wrap, you can use your favorite clear nail polish to fix your broken nails. A clear nail hardener can also work.

    1. Apply your favorite topcoat over your broken nail using even strokes. Pay close attention to the break.
    2. Allow the product to dry and reapply several times to strengthen the nails.

How to Prevent Broken Nails

While there are broken nails remedy you can do to fix your problem with your nails, there are also things you can do to make sure they don’t happen in the first place.

For one, try to use a fine-grained nail file each time you’re reshaping your nails. As much as possible, don’t shape your nails into points as that can weaken your nail ends. When it comes to buffing, do it in the direction your nail grows.

Wear a pair of cotton-lined rubber gloves whenever you need to do the dishes or use chemicals in cleaning. After washing your hands, apply a moisturizing hand lotion and remember to massage your cuticles.

Taking supplements can also help. Biotin, for example, can aid in the strengthening your nails. It also helps in the growth of your hair and skin.

You can apply a nail hardener, too. However, as mentioned, there are ingredients in nail hardeners that can harm your nails. With that, you need to be careful in choosing the right product. Make sure that it doesn’t contain alcohol or any harmful chemical.


Broken nails can make your hands and feet look awkward. With that, take the time to choose the right products you’ll use on your nails. Avoid exposing them to harmful chemicals that can strip their natural oils. Try to take supplements, like biotin, that can strengthen them as well.

And if you already have cracks in your nails, you can try any broken nails remedy on this list. Each tip in this article requires materials and tools you probably already have at home. If not, you can easily purchase them in your local beauty store. They aren’t expensive. Even if you are on a tight budget, you won’t have a hard time buying them.