28 BTS Nails That Are Taking Over The Internet


BTS fans, where you at? We’ve got BTS nails for you.

BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan (in Korean) are a 7-member Korean group that’s been making waves internationally since their win for Top Social Artist in the Billboard Music awards where they bested established artists like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Since then, BTS has been riding a huge wave as they guested and performed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! Their most exciting performance by far as of writing might just be their unforgettable American Music Awards performance where they brought down the house in a huge way.

And did we mention their loyal and passionate fans yet? You can’t mention BTs without ARMY, the BTS fanbase that span a diverse demographic scattered around the world. When they’re not amping up the fanchants in performances, you can find them on Twitter talking about the latest on BTS achievements.

Check out some of Army’s best BTS nail designs and creations. Maybe you’ll want to try some of these nail art or be inspired to make your own!

BTS Blood Sweat and Tears Nail Art

Photo Credit: nailpolis

Dark Pink and Black Nails Inspired by BTS

Photo Credit: nailbees

BST Nail Art

Photo Credit; HoshizoraDream

YoonMin Nails

Photo Credit: weheartit

BTS Spring Day

BTS Black Love Nails

Photo Credit: lawleighette

BTS OT7 Nails

Photo Credit: aminoapps


Photo Credit: notyouraveragenails

BTS Army Nails

Photo Credit: elo7

BTS Fire Nail Art

Photo Credit: nyanails

Taehyung Inspired

Photo Credit: NailArtOnline


Photo Credit: NailArtOnline

Kookie and Rhinestones

Photo Credit: сekтa yckaглаzых

Run Inspired

Photo Credit: nailpolis

BTS Hip Hop Monster Characters

Photo Credit: NailArtOnline

Kpop Nail Art BTS Just One Day

Photo Credit: Vanessa Aragon

BTS Wings

Photo Credit: cmykidd

Danger Nail Art

Photo Credit: HoshizoraDream

BTS Galaxy Nail Design

Photo Credit: HoshizoraDream

BTS Army in Purple

Photo Credit: elo7

Just One Day Nails

Photo Credit: NailArtOnline

BTS Not Today

Photo Credit: aminoapps

Spring Day Nail Art

Photo Credit: aminoapps

DNA Inspired Pastel Nails

Photo Credit: nailsbyhoneycrunch321

Boy in Luv

Photo Credit: Alisha Vue

Fire Youth Nails

Photo Credit: NailArtOnline

Bangtanboys BTS Nail Art

Photo Credit: tata

BTS Nails

Photo Credit: aminoapps