35 Cute-As-Hell Bunny Nails


What’s the second cutest thing to videos of kittens? Bunny nails! We’re biased, of course. 😉

Bunny nails are a wonderful choice for nail art when:

  • It’s Easter and you need Easter nail art
  • Your favorite niece is visiting and she loves your animal nail art
  • You love rabbit anything
  • You want your nails to look, as we just said, cute as hell
  • You saw this post randomly and decided you can’t resist the lure of cute bunnies

We’ve got an amazingly cute collection of rabbit nail designs below. We’ve got bunnies in baby pinks and blues, cute sprinkles and sparkles, some rather realistic renderings, cartoon depictions of some of our favorite bunnies from literature, and some crazy art we can’t even describe.

We’re hard put to decide what our favorites are. They’re all THAT cute. Go ahead and enjoy the bunny madness.

34Pink Blue and Lilac Bunny with Water Marble Nails

Photo Credit: lifeisbetterpolished