15 Great Cancer Nails You Can’t Pass Up

by Shirlyn Ramos

Ready for some cool Cancer nails?

Influenced by the moon, people born under this zodiac sign are moody. They are emotional and sympathetic. At times, they can be suspicious and insecure, too. This makes Cancer one of the most challenging zodiacs to understand.

15 Great Cancer Nails You Can’t Pass Up

However, once you really get to know them, you’ll love how loyal and dependable they are. They value their jobs and co-workers as much as they care about their families and friends.

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Cancers are creative and artistic. They totally enjoy expressing themselves creatively. And because of that, we’re totally sure you’ll find it hard to resist the designs below.

So, get your nail art tools ready and let’s begin!

Horoscopes and Cancer

Photo Credit: rochas

Cancer Astrological Nail Art

Photo Credit: sloppyswatches

Constellation And The Symbol

Photo Credit: nailzini

Light Blue with Pearl Decals

Photo Credit: more

Milky Black Background Shimmering with Holographic

Photo Credit: polish991

Five Stars In The Cancer Constellation

Photo Credit: tracesofpolish

Cute Astrology Cancer Sign Nails

Photo Credit: polishedart

Cancer Stamping Nail

Photo Credit: moyou_london

Heart Angel Wings Cancer Zodiac

Photo Credit: chickettes

Cancer Nail Art

Photo Credit: nailpolis

Cancer Nail Art Swatches

Photo Credit: nailpolis

Cancer Zodiac with Dream Catcher

Photo Credit: tumblr

Night Sky Nails

Photo Credit: tumblr

Astrology Sign Cancer Finger Nail Art

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Symbol Sign Cancer Sticker Water Transfer Decal

Photo Credit: etsy

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