20 Drool-Worthy Candy Nails

by Zel

NailDesigners, if you’re hungry or snackish, you might want to think twice before checking out today’s special nail art design — yummy Candy Nails!

Candy nails is such a simple name but it offers such huge possibilities for nail art designs. We’ve got Skittles, gummy bears, chocolates, sugared candies, candy swirls, sprinkles, lollipops, M&M’s, jellybeans, Gudetama, Nerds, candy hearts, jelly worms, Oreos, strawberries, and candy mixes. The list is endless and we feel like a kid in a literal candy shop!

20 Drool-Worthy Candy Nails

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So, have fun checking out our cute selection of candy nail art. When you’re done, pick out your favorite and start a-painting on your nails! Then mix and match with a cute outfit and you’ll be set.

Trust us when we say that your candy nails will be a sure conversation starter in any gathering or group you find yourself in.

18. Sweet and Tasty Skittles Nails

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