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35 Definitely Noteworthy Nails by TAK

Today’s a treat for all of you as we’re featuring one of the most celebrated nail artists in the industry. I am sure you’re as excited as I am! Known for his abstract expression and geometric works, Japanese nail artist TAK is widely recognized not only i... [read more]

32 Chic And Creative Short Oval Nail Designs

Nail designs come in all shapes and sizes. If we can look back at the very first designs that were widely accepted before, nails were trimmed short and shaped like oval, a reflection on how conservative was the society back then. Although long and pointy ... [read more]

35 Vintage Floral Nails You Will Adore

Although the new designs for nail art that are being shared to nowadays cater to the taste of the new fashionistas, sometimes “old school” can still make its way to the mainstream. Vintage designs still attract a decent number of followers, which keeps th... [read more]

30 Stunning Color Combination Nail Design

In the past recent years, the art of nail painting has transcended its artistic boundaries from plain basics up to novel designs such as 3D texturing. Nail artists constantly challenge themselves not just to expand their design portfolio but more importan... [read more]

30 Trendy Korean Nail Designs

It is obvious that the Korean fever now reaches all parts of the globe as KPop groups like Blackpink and BTS dominate the social media platforms and the global music scene. Because of these new influences from the Far East, the world of art and fashion ar... [read more]

30 Spring Nail Art You Need To See And Try!

When flowers bloom and leaves grow back after months of cold, the season of spring is about to unfold. I am not a poet however I somehow could not help myself become one when spring comes. It’s my favorite season and for sure, most of you guys too. The fr... [read more]

35 Hang Nguyen’s Chic Nail Art Collection

If you’re one of the many people who search the next nail art designs to be done for their own via photo sharing sites over the internet, then there is a good chance that you might have visited the Pinterest and Instagram accounts of a person named Hang N... [read more]

40 Enticing Accent Nail Design

In almost all design themes we already shared in this website and even those which are still not, options start from the simplest up to the most outrageous. Usually, the simplest design options are just plain colors carefully chosen to jive with the theme... [read more]

30 Earth Tones Nail Design For Every Occasion

Nail art, like all other forms of art out there, is first and foremost, an outlet to express one’s current emotions. One of the obvious indications of what mood the owner is at the moment is the nail colors he/she is wearing. There are colors that signify... [read more]

40 Pin-Ready Nails For Your Next Manicure Appointment

In the past years, people usually look into design options printed on papers and compiled into a portfolio. Nowadays, with the advent and influence of the internet, the people of the world can just open apps on mobiles and PC, visit design or social media... [read more]