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30 Juicy Watermelon Nails

Of all the summer fruits that are famous around the world, there’s one in particular that is easy to prepare and easier to eat as describe by most of its patrons. Meet the watermelon. This fruit is very succulent and so juicy that the discoverers didn’t e... [read more]

35 Lovely Gradient Nail Design

Sometimes one shade of a particular color may not satisfy our hunger for art and fashion because it feels like both lighter or darker versions give out equal yet very different outcome. This annoying dilemma is so true to all fashion outlets and one of th... [read more]

35 Dazzling Galaxy Nail Designs

This month just became a very special month of the year. The release of the new Star Wars movie and the very recent passing of Carrie Fisher who played Princess Leia in the original saga made this month the month wherein the disturbance in the force affec... [read more]

30 Calming Blue Nail Art

Feeling patriotic and sad? Do you ever feel that you are from a royal descent that was thrown away in order to hide your true identity? Or do you just love staring at the vast sky above? Then, blue nail art is right for you. The color blue is one of the m... [read more]

30 Enchanting Dream Catcher Nail Designs

Bad dreams are always one of the worst experiences of every human living. When you have a bad dream or worse, a nightmare, chances are your day will be ruined and in you will be in zombie mode. A lot of studies were already conducted in order to find ways... [read more]

40 Elegant Purple Nail Polish

Pink and red nail polish designs are staples for women but if you’re looking for a more adventurous shade, try purple nail polish. It’s elegant, fresh, and can give either an eccentric or royal feel. There are so many enchanting purple shades to choose fr... [read more]

30 Subtle Nude Nail Ideas

For all ladies out there who had their nails polished hundreds of times already ever since they knew about nail polishing, were you came to a point that you’re tired of seeing colors on your nails yet you need to do something about it for it not to be dul... [read more]

30 Edgy Black Nails With Design

In this season of merriment wherein colors are showcased in the skies and in the streets, it is sometimes nice to go deviant and have something no would expect, a black move. In today’s nail art post, we will show the best black nail art with designs that... [read more]

40 Beautiful Nail Flower Art

Ladies, today’s nails are nail flower designs. No woman on earth would hate on flower designs. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, flowers are a balm for the soul. I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o’er vales and hills, When all at once I... [read more]

40 Fab Aztec Nails

Nail art may be novel in this world but it doesn’t mean that it cannot tap into the history to work out some of its best features. The truth is, like all other art, inspiration comes mostly in the past because people already experienced it. On the other h... [read more]