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30 Fun Nail Art For Everyone

When you think about the combination of art and fashion to things, fun will always come out as one of the expectations from whatever that comes out of it. We believe that a person can never flaunt his own style or fashion confidently if that person does n... [read more]

35 Must-Love Valentine’s Day Nail Art

The color red is one of the most sought-after color for nail polishing and nail design. Its sexy, its hip, and most of all, it easily attracts the eyes of the public making it a good nail color choice to flaunt. However, there is this specific day of the ... [read more]

30 Enticing Square Nail Designs

Nails, just like the hair, is a fascinating part of the human body. This body part grows without limits and grows even faster when boosted by hormones. Because of this, the natural shape of human nails is ovoid and sometimes end sharp. However, with today... [read more]

35 Foil Nail Design To Spice Up Your Manicure

When it comes to trying new things, there are only two types of approach and that is to play safe or to gamble. To people who are used to playing safe, they decide on things they already know or at least have knowledge about it. However, for those who lov... [read more]

35 Edgy Matte Black Nail Designs

Matte painting is a pretty simple painting technique if you look at it at first glance. It’s a technique that meticulously removes the shine and glare of a plain color leaving a blunt but tantalizing finish on the applied surface. Basically because of tha... [read more]

30 Rose Gold Nail Art Ideas That Will Definitely Look Perfect For Holidays!

Gold has been existing as one of the most precious trading good since throughout history and through the passing of time, it has been modified and improved to satisfy the needs of the prevailing generation. At this point in time, gold is no longer just th... [read more]

30 Gorgeous Flower Nail Design

The world is alive is because of nature where we see vibrant colors in all things great and small. We may not appreciate the colors in moving animals that much since we can’t discern such easily however when it comes to flowers, we are not disappointed of... [read more]

30 Fashionable Designs For Coffin Nails

Nail art has come along way from just painting the surface with plain, bright colors. At this time, not only that we see nail polishes that are loud and textured, the nails themselves are reshaped to something unique and absolutely trendsetting. Today’s n... [read more]

30 Glam Party Nails For Groovy Party-Goers!

If you guys go on a party where you expect people to be at their most glamorous selves, I’m pretty sure that you won’t let yourself get left behind by everyone else. More than the attention-seeking outfits, it is imperative that your body must also exude ... [read more]

35 Almond Shaped Nails Designs You Should Try!

Today, we take a breather from the design themes and color schemes for nails and explore the unique nail shaping techniques. Showcased today are the almond-shaped nails. This shape is called “almond” taken after the hard yet tasty nut which is a favorite ... [read more]