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40 Pin-Worthy Fall Nails Design

Fall may be officially over to some regions but for the world of modern arts, the trend is still alive and people are still seeking for renditions that remind them of the most colorful season of all. Nail art is one trending facet that art can be expresse... [read more]

32 Memorable Thanksgiving Nails

Holidays, as proven in this site, are very good subjects for nail art designs. Because of that, I decided to check out the world wide web and gather up the best of the best nail designs featuring the nearest upcoming American holiday, the Thanksgiving. Fo... [read more]

40 Breathtakingly Beautiful Roses Nail Design

If there is one most powerful emotion existing in this world, no doubt it would be love. If we’re talking about love, then there is no other representation that would best represent it than a rose. Rose has always been associated with love and is highly s... [read more]

30 Bright Nail Designs To Spice Up Your Looks

Human nails are strategically located are the tips of human appendages like hands and feet. Because of this, humans can freely position nails in directions they want, to highlight or to hide. For some fashionable individuals, nails are the best way to fla... [read more]

35 Chic Yet Classy White Nail Art

Beauty in the art can be perceived in two entirely different perspectives. Some people say that art is more beautiful when there is more than one element poured into it creating chaos and complexity. On the other hand, there are what we call purists where... [read more]

40 Stiletto Nails Designs That Are Absolutely On Point

Like all other body parts, human nails have never deviated too much from its original ovoid shape since the history of man. However, with the advent of the nail art trend together with the introduction of new designs almost every day, nails have never bee... [read more]

38 Girly Nail Designs That Are Definitely Worth Stealing

Ever since nail painting or nail art has been a thing for fashion, it was always meant for women. However, at this age and time, the female human is no longer bounded by a mere definition of a woman, different female gender preferences are emerging dictat... [read more]

30 Must-Try Dotticure Nail Design

Ever encountered a nail art with dots as design? If yes, you probably came across a dotticure nail art design. Dotticure nail art is the application of an old-school art style with modern techniques. At first, the design may look like polka dots but when ... [read more]

40 Pawsome Cat Nail Design

Nail art designs follow what is hip and what is trending. It uses color gradients that are in season or fitting to occasions. However, sometimes, amazing designs are out there are flaunted just for the mere reason that they define the happiness of the per... [read more]

40 Irresistibly Clever Nail Designs

Art is not limited to space and time, infact art is boundless. Being artistic may be associated on just one side of the brain and the other for logic, however, when one artist is also witty and playful, the result could be something that anyone would talk... [read more]