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Easy Peasy Newspaper Nail Art Tutorial Anyone Can Do

Newspaper nail art is probably one of the easiest nail designs you can make. In fact, anyone can recreate this design- even beginners! Unlike marble nails and other intricate nail designs, this newspaper nail art doesn’t take a lot of time, effort or even... [read more]

20 Creative Nail Tutorials For Fall

Nail tutorials for fall involve many creative ideas and colors that would help you look stylish no matter the gloominess that comes around with the first snow of the season. Nail tutorials as I am going to showcase in today’s post will cover some really c... [read more]

20 Patriotic 4th Of July Nail Art Tutorials

4th of July is coming soon gals, and we are all set to present before you the top 20 nail art tutorials for this special day! 4th of July nail art finds inspiration from the national flag of United States and looks cool with stripes and bright colors. Loo... [read more]

Does Nail Polish Hurt Dogs?

Hello, NailDesigners! Have you heard of the latest fashion trend for dogs — nail polish? Being such an avid lover of nail polish, your next question is most likely, “Does nail polish hurt dogs?” Let’s talk about whether nail polish is bad for your pets, i... [read more]

How To Marble Nails: With And Without Water!

Marble nails are one of the latest trends for nail art designs. They’re unusual, unpredictable, and no two designs are exactly alike. In this way, they’re a little bit reminiscent of our snowflake nail art designs. Unlike snowflakes though, marbled design... [read more]

10 Funny Nailed it Fails

NailDesigners, have you ever experienced nailed it fails? That time when you had an AWESOME design you were gunning for but somehow, reality failed to measure up to your expectation? Been there, done that. Anybody who aspires to be great at something will... [read more]

32 Easy Nail Designs For Beginners

In today’s post we would like to showcase a line up of design that encourages first-timers and beginners to nail art. The design samples we have for today are simple arts that a beginner can replicate and practice on. These designs not only satisfy the cr... [read more]

18 Minion Themed Step By Step Nail Art Tutorials

Are you a Minion fan? Well then, read these 18 Minion step by step nail art tutorials that will blow your minds off! Minions are adorable and have become popular with the release of the movie ‘Despicable Me’ so much so that ladies have started painting th... [read more]

18 Cute Matte Nail Art Tutorials

Matte nail art ideas that we have presented today will impress each one of you gorgeous ladies that always want to dress up their nails elegantly and in a different way. These nails are in fashion big time as we see a lot of women, including singers and c... [read more]

21 Rocking Owl Nail Art Tutorials

Owl nail art is one of my favorite as it looks cuter than cute and is perfect to be worn for any and every occasion, including Thanksgiving, weddings, birthdays and even Valentines. Owl nails are storming the fashion world too. You can spot many new and c... [read more]