15 Sweet and Tart Cherry Nails

by Rose Walker

Make your friends salivate over your nail design art with these delicious cherry nails. Just looking at them is making us hungry!

Cherry designs are abundant in many forms of popular art. As a fruit, they’re tart and sweet. They’re a favorite with many especially old grannies with arthritis. (Bet you didn’t know they were good for creaky knees.) Perhaps that’s what makes them eye-catching. It’s that vivid red and the memory of sweetness. Thus we can find cherry print on stationary, cloths, and product packaging.

15 Sweet and Tart Cherry Nails

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Now get that cherry print on your nails and you’re guaranteed to get a lot of good comments from friends. The classic design is to have red cherry fruits against a white backdrop. However, we found a few more fascinating designs for you.

See our cherries in different sizes and renderings in background colors of blue, green, yellow, peach and black. See them paired with polka dots, stripes, and checks.

Check them out!

15. Two Adored Cherry Nails

Photo Credit: mis_esmaltes


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