35 Christmas Toe Nail Designs


Hi Naildesigners! Do you have Christmas toe nail designs ready for the holidays?

There are many many Christmas designs out there for your nails but there are fewer nice Christmas designs for your cute little toes. That’s why we decided to make a special collection just for this type of nail art.

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It’s harder to come up with cool designs for one’s toenails. For one, you get less canvass area. Hand nails are longer and can be grown to a beautiful shape. Toenails are squat and tubby and not all women are blessed with pretty feet. Second, it’s just a bit harder to reach out and prettify those toenails.

Still, it’s the most fashionable to be festive from head to foot this Christmas. And, with the right designs, your toenails can just add to the joyousness of the occasion. So toenail polish it is for the holidays!

Check out all our Christmas toe nail designs below.

34Red and Green with Candy Nail Designs

Photo Credit: nailartpatterns