30 Dazzling Constellation Nail Designs


Stars symbolize a lot of things and for the most part, they represent radiating beauty. The best thing about stars is that not only they are like embedded in a perfect dark background, they also group themselves intelligently that ancient astronomers saw beautiful patterns from it.

Star constellations are accepted in both astronomy and astrology, different science, the same degree of significance. As for artists, constellations are what heaven’s offering to art. As such, many of art outlets of the contemporary times such as painting nails, take advantage of this readily-available source to create a portfolio of stunning nail art designs.

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Fashionistas and glamorous ladies will surely love today’s collection of the nail designs featuring famous constellations we see in our night skies. Sparkling over dark-toned backgrounds, these constellation designs are very recognizable even from afar so ladies that have interests will surely say that it is worth it.

30Constellation Nail Art On Glossy Black Polish

Image Credit: Chalkboard Nails

29Constellation Design On Squared Nails

Image Credit: Refinery29

28Cosmic Nails With Constellation Accent

Image Crdit: Nail Art Designs

27Nebula Constellation Nails

Image Credit: Nerdy For Nails

26Constellation Water Decals Nail Design

Image Credit: Born Pretty

25Easy Constellation Nail Design

Image Credit: Canaco

24Studded Constellation Nail Design

Image Credit: Glitter And Nails

23Constellation Nail Design On Nude Polish

Image Credit: Popsugar

22Sparkling Constellation Nail Design

Image Credit: Glitter Fingersss

21Galaxy Dotticure with Constellations Nail Art

Image Credit: Ehmkay Nails

20Constellation Almond Nail Design

Image Credit: Pinterest

19Orion Constellation Nail Accent

Image Credit: Phoenix New Times

18Glittery Constellation Nail Design

Image Credit: Refinery29

17Galaxy Nails With Capricorn Constellation

Image Credit: Lacquered Bits

16Subtle Constellation Nail Accent

Image Credit: Popsugar

15Space Nails Design With Constellation

Image Credit: Pinterest

14Stamped Constellation Nail Art

Image Credit: Polilish

13Constellation Nail Accent Design

Image Credit:  Refinery29

12Constellation On Glossy Gradient Nails

Image Credit: Pinterest

11Silver Constellation On Matte White Nails

Image Credit: Pinterest

10Zodiac Contellation Nail Design

Image Credit: Pinterest

9Half Moon Constellation Nail Art

Image Credit:  Refinery29

8Constellation Nail Design On Glittered Black Polish

Image Credit: Pinterest

7Simple Constellation Nail Art On Matte Nude Base

Image Credit: Nail Designs Journal

6Multihued Constellation Nail Design

Image Credit:  Refinery29

5Constellation Nail Design On Matte Pink Polish

Image Credit: Instagram

4Lovely Constellation Nail Art

Image Credit: Nature Nails

3Chic Constellation Nails

Image Credit:  Refinery29

2Neat Constellation Nail Accent

Image Credit: Pinterest

1Cosmic Constellation Design On Pointed Nails

Image Credit: Real Simple