30 Lovely Daisy Nail Art

by Shirlyn

The daisies are one of the flower species known to almost all parts of the world which became a common choice for vases decorated inside households.

Because this flower has a simple look, nail artists and nail art enthusiasts love to do daisy designs all the time. Daisies have numerous yet slim petals which can easily be painted as art on nails. Also, since its petals are naturally white, any colored base polish will compliment the flower design.

30 Lovely Daisy Nail Art

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We have the prettiest daisy nail art designs for you ladies today, freshly picked from the gardens of world wide web. Be capture with the simplistic beauty if daisies and try it on you sometime, you will definitely won’t regret it.

30. Negative Space Daisy Nail Art

Image Credit: Bloglovin’


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