35 Super Cute And Easy Nail Designs For Kids


Mommies of small girls can take help from these easy nail designs that are shown below. After having covered nail designs for women and teenagers, we are now focusing towards nail art for kids. Small girls would fall in love with these stunning nail trends as these are not just adorable, but are super easy to do. From dots, cartoons, flowers to stickers, we have it all in our kitty today!

7Easy nail designs with polka dots for kids

Cute polka dot nails for kids

Here, we are showcasing a few easy nail designs with cute polka dots. Polka dots are a favorite with young girls as these look adorable and very simple to be done. All you need is a dotting tool and some lovely polishes to acquire this dotted look. Polka dots in pink, yellow and blue are loved, not only by young girls, but by their mommies too!

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 Nail Art For Kids
Cool nail tips polka dot design for kids

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 Nail Art For Kids
Pink and white polka dot nails for kids

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 Nail Art For Kids
Cute spring polka dot nails for kids

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 Nail Art For Kids
Polka dots and bunny nails for kids

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Little girls, these days, seem to have fallen for cool nail designs that are in vogue presently. All these nails showcased are simple and look sweet. Some of these designs are so easy that one can do it herself. Just start with super easy nail designs like dots and stripes if you are a newbie. Then proceed onto others like flowers and cartoons.