38 Girly Nail Designs That Are Definitely Worth Stealing

by Rose Walker

Ever since nail painting or nail art has been a thing for fashion, it was always meant for women. However, at this age and time, the female human is no longer bounded by a mere definition of a woman, different female gender preferences are emerging dictating how they act and how they interact with other people.

Given the change in society, nail art designs expand to wider horizons, catering to almost all types of people with different takes on fashion and self-expressionism. This time, we concentrate on one aspect of feminism and personally for me, this is the cute type. Girly nail art designs are loud and very distinctive to the stereotyped girl next door females. The designs are dominated by pink and if not, powder shades of pastels. There are embedded accessories too like beads and crystals designed as flowers, hearts, and fireworks.

38 Girly Nail Designs That Are Definitely Worth Stealing

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If you’re the type who is young, reserved, and sweet, then today’s collection is perfect for you. Girly nail art designs are easy to achieve and easy in the eyes. Definitely a steal for this generation’s fashion. Check it out now!

38. Negative Space Floral Nail Art

Image Credit: So Nailicious

37. Pink Splatter Nail Designs

Image Credit: AFD

36. Gradient Tribal Nails

Image Credit: Stayglam

35. Flamingo Nail Design

Image Credit: Nails Foto

34. Silver Girly Pattern On Pink Polish

Image Credi: Share Your Nails

33. Textured Pink Nails

Image Credit: Averie

32. Glittered Animal Print Nails

Image Credit: Piggieluv

31. Gold Polka Nail Design

Image Credit: Fmag

30. Rose, Stripes And Jewels Nail Art

Image Credit: Pro Art Cat

29. Waterdrop Colorful Nails

Image Credit: Pinterest

28. Polka Teal Gel Nails

Image Credit: She Tried What

27. Crown Tipped Nail Design

Image Credit: Averie

26. Ribbon Inspired Nail Design

Image Credit: Pinterest

25. Classy Print On Ombre Nails

Image Credit: Favim

24. Delicate Floral Nail Design

Image Credit: Instagram

23. Minimalist Girly Nails

Image Credit: Ideas4DIY

22. Dotticure Nail Design

Image Credit: Gal Knows

21. Gorgeous Flamingo Nails

Image Credit: Cherry Cherry Beauty

20. Pastel Colours with Flowers Nail Art

Image Credit: All For Fashions

19. Magical Unicorn Nails

Image Credit: TNFT

18. Mermaid Stamps Nail Art

Image Credit: Depression And Creativity

17. Multicolored Nail Art Design

Image Credit: The Art Ideas

16. Sultry Red Nail Design

Image Credit: Averie

15. Botanical Print On White Polish

Image Credit: Instagram

14. Bird And Cage Nail Design

Image Credit: Nailzoned

13. Iridescent Girly Nail Design

Image Credit: Awimina Blog

12. Shimmering Floral Wave Nails

Image Credit: Nails4You

11. Waterdrop Dandelion Nails

Image Credit: Pinterest

10. White Hibiscus Nails

Image Credit: VK

9. Chevron Striped Nails With Ribbon Accent

Image Credit: FMag

8. Floral Wave Pattern On Nude Polish

Image  Credit: Styl

7. Glittery Pink Nail Art

Image Credit: Share Your Nails

6. Floral Matte Nail Design

Image Credit: Lovelierie

5. Lovely Feathers Nail Art

Image Credit: Pinterest

4. Embroidery Art Nail Design

Image Credit: Nailbook

3. Embossed Roses Nail Art

Image Credit: Instagram

2. Botanical Tipped Nails

Image Credit: Pinterest

1. Pastel Polish Segmented Nails

Image Credit: Shirley

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