48 Sparkly and Glittery Nails


Ladies, are you ready for sparkling and glittering nails?

A lot of women (including us here at naildesignideaz) are like magpies. We love objects that shine and sparkle in the sun. This is why we have sparkly jewelry, accented shirts with sparkles, and of course, glittery nail polish. Even when we’re having a drab day, glitter somehow makes a day brighter.

Now, while glittery nail designs are great to look at, they are actually very difficult to do or even take off! If you’ve ever tried to copy the amazing glittery nail designs on the Internet, you might have experienced difficulties too as a beginner nail artist. It’s a real shame because there is beautiful glitter art out there like pink glitter and gold glitter designs.

Thankfully, there are hacks to many nail art and nail designs. Just check out this great tutorial on how to apply glitter polish. In this video, one hack is to make use of liquid latex. It’s super easy, you’d be surprised. And you might find that knowing this trick can make the other designs in our set below easier to do!


Now see all the other sparkly nail designs that we’ve collected below and start practicing on your favorites!

48Mesmerizing Gradient Glitter Nails

Photo Credit: cuded

47Pretty Glitter Nails

Photo Credit: winkandiblush

46Dazzling Blue Nails

Photo Credit: goodhousekeeping

45Multi Colored Nails

Photo Credit: shortnaildesigns

44Blue Side Spark in Black Matte Nails

Photo Credit: cuded


43Teal Gradient Glitter Nails

Photo Credit: shortnaildesigns

42French Tip Nails

Photo Credit: shortnaildesigns

41Black Shimmery Nails

Photo Credit: emilydenisephotography

40Artistic and Mosaic themed Glitter Nail Art Designed in Rose Nails

Photo Credit: cuded

39Beautiful Glittery Stamping Nails

Photo Credit: feedpuzzle

38Glitter Dust Nails

Photo Credit: nailsart

37Side French Mint Glitter Manicure

Photo Credit: shortnaildesigns

36Blue Nails

Photo Credit: hubpages

35Gray Disco Nails

Photo Credit: emilydenisephotography

34Beautiful Sparks Nails

Photo Credit: hannaroxit

33Attractive Deep Blue Nails

Photo Credit: bedizzlenails

32Maroon Simplicity Nails

Photo Credit: template

31Blue Fever Nails

Photo Credit: emilydenisephotography

30Copper Spark Nails

Photo Credit: lovethispic

29Candy Colored Glitter Inspired Nails

Photo Credit: nailsbycambri

28Glittery French Tip Nails

Photo Credit: matleena

27Violet Bling Bliss Nails

Photo Credit: emilydenisephotography

26Mermaid Inspired Nails

Photo Credit: tracesofpolish

25Pinkish Sparks Nails

Photo Credit: buzznet

24Double Gradient Glitter Rainbow Nails

Photo Credit: piggieluv

23Silver Inspired Nails

Photo Credit: fashiondivadesign

22Maroon Bedazzle Nails

Photo Credit: emilydenisephotography

21Hard Candy Nails

Photo Credit: beautyredefined

20Red Nails

Photo Credit: acrylicnaildesigns

19Gold and Pink with Black Nails

Photo Credit: nailitmag

18Disney Inspired Nails


Photo Credit: katelyn_lacy

16Glittery Rainbow Nails

Photo Credit: ideasforbeautypic

15Black Glitter Nail Polish

Photo Credit: coolnailideas

14White Silver Nails

Photo Credit: nailitmag

13Glittery Acrylic Nails

Photo Credit: acrylicnaildesigns

12Love Short Glitter Nails

Photo Credit: nailitmag

11Light Blue Nails

Photo Credit: scrangie

10Red Long Nails

Photo Credit: acrylicnaildesigns

9Glitter Gel Nails

Photo Credit: template

8Diamond Shaped Glitter Nails

Photo Credit: cuded

7Sweet Sunset Nails

Photo Credit: goodhousekeeping

6Glitter Galaxy Nails

Photo Credit: goodhousekeeping

5Glimmering Geometry Nails

Photo Credit: goodhousekeeping

4Royal Blue Jelly Base Hex Glitter Nails

Photo Credit: chalkboardnails

3Glitter Gal- Lizard Belly 3D Nails

Photo Credit: rebeccalikesnails

2Creme Gold Nails

Photo Credit: cu-tenails

1White and Purple Nails

Photo Credit: media