30 Exquisite Gold Nail Designs

by Shirlyn

Gold is the color of the rich. If you dig up the history of the world, gold has always been the ultimate source for wealth and power.

Now, if you guys have gold-colored nail art, then wealth is expected to come your way. Its all about right visualization and of course, hard-work. There are a lot of nail art designs wherein gold is the main shade. Gold glitters and speckles are also readily available around so it is also well utilized to create accents to the per-polished nails.

30 Exquisite Gold Nail Designs

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We are happy to feature some of the best and the most glamorous gold nail art designs in today’s post. These designs will never fail to impress your craving for fabulous nails and impress the viewing public as well.

30. Broken Glass Effect On Gold Nails

Image Credit: Glitz N Dirt


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