35 Lovely Gradient Nail Design


Sometimes one shade of a particular color may not satisfy our hunger for art and fashion because it feels like both lighter or darker versions give out equal yet very different outcome. This annoying dilemma is so true to all fashion outlets and one of them is on nail art.

The good thing about it though is that art allows us to create gradients. Gradient is simply a technique wherein a color is presented in a gradual change of intensity from the lightest to the darkest variant. This particular technique is proven to be very effective in nail art since it create good stories behind the chosen design.

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We have a couple of cool nail art designs right here, right now with gradient color bases. Different colors with different set of designs—to cater all tastes and expectations of those who want to experience art in full shade.

35Constellation Gradient Nail Art

Image Credit: La Paillette Frondeuse