25 Delicious and Cute Ice Cream Nails


Naildesigners, do you want to torture your friends with extreme cuteness? Then try these ice cream nails.

When you’re wanting a change from sexy and mature nail designs, you can go the polar opposite and go for something shockingly cute. And these super kawaii designs totally fit the bill. They’re sweet, cartoony, whimsical, and they remind us of good times and nostalgic memories with friends and family. They spell fun and frolick.

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And there are many amazing ice cream nail designs too. We’ve got them in cartoon style complete with cute eyes and mouths, in pastel shades, in textured nail polish, with sprinkles, and even in amazing 3D! The creativity and resourcefulness of nail artists is definitely not something to scoff at.

Scroll through our collection and try out your favorite designs or share them with your friends on social media.

1Cute Ice Cream Nail Art Design

Photo Credit: ninahchu

2Nails with Design of Combo Mixed Ice Cream

Photo Credit: jesuisvernie

3Ice Cream Nail Art in White Nails

Photo Credit: mommymoment

4Bubblegum Bang Nails

Photo Credit: nailstorming

5Super Cool Ice Cream Nails

Photo Credit: mtv

6Ice Cream Nails

Photo Credit: Natalie 

7Melted Flavor Ice Cream Nail Art

Photo Credit: centralparkkitty

8Squareletto Shape Nails with 3-D Effect of an Ice Cream and Cone

Photo Credit: Lindsey Unterberger

9Simple and Cute Ice Cream Nail Art

Photo Credit: Lynnae Foggiato-Cali Mama

10White Nails and Ice Cream Stick

Photo Credit: cherrycherrybeauty

11Nails with Sweet Vanilla Ice Cream Design Inspired

Photo Credit:  yum_nails

12Cunning Ice Cream Nails

Photo Credit: nyan

13Sweet Ice Cream Nails for any Season

Photo Credit: more

14Simple Rounded Nails with Sweet Ice Cream Nail Design

Photo Credit: Gazzed

15Ice Cream with Cone in Nails Artistic Look Inspired

Photo Credit: Holly 

16Nails with Ice Cream Drip Accent

Photo Credit: shaymitchblog.tumblr.com

17Triple Scoop Ice Cream Mani

Photo Credit: paintthosepiggies

183D Ice Cream Nails

Photo Credit: imgur

19Ice Cream Nail Art

Photo Credit: lunaloveschocolate

20Sweet and Tart Ube Strawberry and Mango Flavor of Ice Cream with Sugar Coated Nails

Photo Credit: cuded

21Strawberry Ice Cream on Yellow Base

Photo Credit: nenuno

22Fond Ice Cream Nail Art Design

Photo Credit: KT_K1

Magnum Ice Cream Nail Art

Photo Credit: piggieluv

23Purple Nails with Ice Cream

Photo Credit: nailsbydaniellet

24Scream for Ice Cream

Photo Credit: weheartit