30 Glowing Iridescent Nails

by Shirlyn

According to Wikipedia, iridescence is the phenomenon of certain surfaces that appear to gradually change color as the angle of view or the angle of illumination change. This is a common phenomenon in the natural world like what you see in bubbles, however, judging from its definition, it seems that this is not an easy thing to replicate. My question is, can this be done on nails?

The answer is an astonishing yes my friends. Nail artists can now replicate the magic of iridescence to nails and create this amazing nail art designs that one can’t possibly complain to. The process or creating iridescent nails may be a little lengthy and complicated compared to other design techniques, but definitely the wait is worth it. Some nails get their iridescence from the gems that are added into the design while most of them are from the hands of the master artists.

30 Glowing Iridescent Nails

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Believe it or not but even with its complexity, able nail artists around the world already created a thick portfolio of design variations with iridescent color output. In order for you to be convinced and be amazed, we have a few of the samples lined up for you guys in today’s post. Have a look on these psychedelic amazing nail art designs.

30. Blue Theme Shattered Glass Nail Art

Image Credit: Il Mio Beauty Case


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