31 Wee Lady Bug Nails

by Zel

NailDesigners, get ready for another cutesy nail design — lady bug nails.

Ladybugs are as pretty and cute in real life as they are in pop art depictions. They’re such tiny creatures yet their exteriors are so bright and shiny. The most common in North America is the seven-spotted ladybird beetle. It has the familiar shiny red and black body we often see in lady bug nail art (and which you’ll also see in our collection below).

31 Wee Lady Bug Nails

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These little tykes are colorful for a reason. They’re warning off predators how bad they taste!

Did you know? Ladybugs are considered good luck in some cultures. That’s a fun fact to remember the next time you try on lady bug designs for your nails.

30. Two Little Lady Bugs with Green Grass Effect Nails

Photo Credit: piggieluv


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