15 Bold Leo Nails You’ll Surely Love

by Zel

Fierce and bold.

That’s how we’re describing this collection of Leo nails.

15 Bold Leo Nails You’ll Surely Love

Influenced by the sun, Leo are energetic and full of positive vibes. They are optimistic and seldom disheartened by drawbacks. They are quite frank and you can expect them to say everything they want to say.

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Leo are extremely trustworthy and loyal. They have a big heart and they like showering other people with love and affection.

People born under this sign like being in the limelight, too. This is one of the reasons why we’re confident that you’ll fall in love with these nail designs.

So, shall we get started?

Leo Zodiac Nail Art Design

Photo Credit: naileddaily

Leo Inspired Nails

Photo Credit: nailpolis

Simple Leo Zodiac Sign Stamping Nail

Photo Credit: etsystudio

Leo Zodiac Plate Collection No. 7 MoYou

Photo Credit: moyou

Pretty Leo Nails

Photo Credit: Airin Hada

Green Constellation of Leo

Photo Credit: pinimg

Hand-Painted Leo Nails

Photo Credit: MiLy Ploz

Leo Horoscope Inspiration

Photo Credit: ipsy

Zodiac Signs Leo Nail Art

Photo Credit: Tara Grimm

Leo with Stars in Glittery Nails

Photo Credit: angel nails

Glittery Leo in Red Nails

Photo Credit: Angy Phillips

Simple Leo White in Ombre Nail

Photo Credit: Só Esmaltes

Leo Nail Art Design

Photo Credit: Arlene Carandang

Leo Nail Art Design in Pink Ombre

Photo Credit: Robin Moses Nail Art

Leo Zodiac – Water Slide Nail Decals

Photo Credit: etsystudio

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