15 Libra Nail Art Inspirations That Are Far From Boring


Romantic, kind and gentle- these are the main traits that completely describe people born under the zodiac sign Libra. With its ruling planet being Venus, all the things they do in life are influenced by love.

They are fascinated by justice and balance. They try to avoid conflict as much as they can. Apart from that, they are also fond of music and art.

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Because we know how much you love beautiful things, we’ve rounded up the best nail designs that can match your personality. So, give your look its much-needed spice with any of the following Libra nail art inspirations.

Libra Art Design in Brown Nails

Photo Credit: nailpolis

Astrological Sign of Libra in Navy and Silver Foil

Photo Credit: flailsandnails

Libra Zodiac Sign Nail

Photo Credit: naileddaily

Rainbows with Blue Half Moon and Tons of Glitter Nail

Photo Credit: nailpolis

Nails with Glequins and Glitter Mint Colour Nail Art Libra

Photo Credit: manicurasybelleza

Simple Libra Nail Design in Blue with Light Brown Sparking

Photo Credit: nailpolis

Gazing at This Starry Nail Art

Photo Credit: more

Libra in Green Nails with Polka Dots

Photo Credit: Tenshi Stein

Cute Libra Sign in Pink Nail Designs

Photo Credit: Só Esmaltes

Zodiac Astrology Symbols Scales Waterslide Stickers

Photo Credit: etsy

Libra in Gold Stamp Plate with Green Nails

Photo Credit: BeenaBop

Stamp Plate Mermaid Libra

Photo Credit: kkcenterhk

Libra Stamper in Pink Nail

Photo Credit: fashionbelief

Libra Nail Art in Glittery Blue

Photo Credit: BeaOsaki

Libra Zodiac Sign in Red Nails

Photo Credit: nailartgallery