35 Dainty Light Blue Nails


Light blue nails are simply so dainty and pretty!

Many people typecast blue as a color for boys. Still, it is one of the prettiest colors in the rainbow. Though many girls are conditioned to like pink (and indeed pink is love!), blue is equally as beautiful on nails, fabric, accessories, and makeup.

Light blue nails are a perfect choice when going out to boating or going for a trip near water. Nothing beats blue for an aquatic vibe.

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You can also choose light blue nail polish to match it up with your wardrobe, a cloudless sunny day, or a boyfriend who likes the color blue. Depending on the tone and hue, blue nails can be feminine, calm, serene, or picturesque.

Choose your favorites from our light blue nail collection!

35Blue and Silvery Nail Designs

Photo Credit: stylesweekly