50 Love Nails Perfect For Romantics

by Zel

NailDesigners, this post is dedicated for all of you who are in love — in love with your family, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, pets, and life. We are sharing with you these awesome love nails.

Love is a universal feeling and experience. If your eyes are open and you can see your blessings, you can witness the love of the universe flowing within and around you. We receive so much love each day. That we open our eyes in the morning after a rejuvenating sleep is already testament of the universe’s love for us.

50 Love Nails Perfect For Romantics

We have a variety of designs captured below. We have love nails in floral, glitter, etchings, cute cartoon characters, short quotes, pop art, abstract art, and even Micky Mouse designs.

Be reminded of love and positivity with these love nails. Wear them with your favorite dress or outfit. Accessorize with your favorite earrings or shoes or handbags. Spray on your favorite perfume.

Vivre pour l’amore! Live for love.

49. Love in Floral Nails

Photo Credit: fabnailartdesign


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