30 Alluring Marilyn Monroe Nails

by Shirlyn

Marilyn Monroe is probably one of the most famous and most iconic pin-up celebrity of all time. Even up to now, some art and media concepts still uses Marilyn Monroe as their subject and still, it hits the taste of the public.

The nail art theme for today is obviously be Marilyn Monroe too. Her face, her name, her lips, and her famous dress are all lined up for the best examples. The main color theme is also retro or the faded 1950’s look which uses yellowish white and gray. Pop art designs are also featured in some of the samples which was initially inspired by a famous painting.

30 Alluring Marilyn Monroe Nails

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The chosen celebrity may have been involved to a lot of controversies during her time but one thing’s for sure, she built a lasting legacy to the realm of show business. Enjoy the nail art tribute we have for you today.


30. Marilyn Monroe Nail Accent

Image Credit: Pinterest


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