40 Stunning Matte Black Nails


They say that having black nail polish, especially for ladies, is not appropriate and not so appealing to the public. Well for me, it kinda is justified because of the common associations with the color black, being bad, evil and everything. However, to everyone who is about to get a chance to look at today’s offerings, things are about to change radically.

Check out these cool matted black nail art designs. Although there is “black” into its title and yes, the designs are claded in black, you will most certainly forget about it the moment you see one sample. The special texture of matte creates sophistication to the color. Just like in cars, those that are matted black in paint look more awesome than the shiny ones. Because black is the ultimate dark background you can have, the designs that are painted, added, and carefully created on top of it are highlighted to the highest degree.

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I’m pretty sure that just like me, you are still in awe into how amazing and elegant matted black nail art designs are. If you happen to know a very good nail artist, then I think it is about time to get yourself blacked and fabulous.



40Glitters On Matte Black Nails

Image Credit: Instagram