18 Cute Matte Nail Art Tutorials


Matte nail art ideas that we have presented today will impress each one of you gorgeous ladies that always want to dress up their nails elegantly and in a different way. These nails are in fashion big time as we see a lot of women, including singers and celebrities flaunting awesome looking matte nail designs involving brilliant shades like black, lilac, lavender, purple, red and pink. If you are someone that likes to adorn nails with sophisticated patterns, try any one of these cool and creative matte finished nails, the nail art tutorials of which we are about to showcase below. Such is the charm of these nails that you would not think twice before decorating your nails with any one of these cuties. Try at least a few to believe each and every word we just said!


1. Cute matte black nails with glossy tips tutorial

A very simple nail art, you can do this sitting at home.

  • Start by applying a base coat of matte black polish all over the nails.
  • Dry and then apply a coat of glossy neutral or nude polish.
  • Cut a piece of cello tape and press it down over your nail’s tips.
  • Now, paint the nails with matte polish top coat.
  • Let the polish dry.
  • Afterwards, peel off the tape to reveal this amazing looking nail art.

Matte Nail Art

Image Credit: ggpht

2. Cute matte black nails with glossy polka dots nail art tutorial

Black matte nails look sexy and at the same time quite elegant.

  • For this nail art, begin by painting your nails with black polish. Dry.
  • Now, apply a coat of matte polish over the nails.
  • Let the nails dry up, after which you can start making the polka dots using glossy black paint.
  • Make use of dotting tool for this, or you can also try using your normal paint brush for this purpose.
  • Matte nail designs with polka dots are easiest to do, even without visiting the parlor.

Matte Nails

Image Credit: checkmynails

3. Stunning black and white matte stamping lace nail art

Nail art tutorials with stamps are ruling the roost these days as most young ladies are flaunting stunning stamped nails. How would you like to combine some cute stamp designs with trendy matte finished nails? Well, take a look at this tutorial.

  • Begin by applying a coat of white.
  • Dry and then reapply.
  • Now, for the stamping frame, use acrylic black polish.
  • Once dry, stamp the lacy design right over the frame.
  • Seal with a non glossy coat of nude all over the nails.

Stunning black and white matte stamping lace nail art

Image Credit: blogspot

4. White matte nail art tutorial with hearts

Believe us, you have to try this super cute nail art as its totally awesome in looks! For this you would need a matte nail polish in nude or white, white polish as base coat, and some grey.

  • Start by painting your nails with white and apply a coat of matte polish.
  • Using a nail art brush and grey, make heart designs as shown.
  • You can also add textures inside the hearts by mixing two tones of grey.
  • Once dry, seal the art with a top coat of matte paint.

Nail Art Tutorials

Image Credit: stylishboard

5. Gorgeous black matte nail art tutorial with magenta designs

Matte nails have a unique charm and are adored by women of all age brackets. When you couple black along with streaks of magenta or pink, the beauty of your matte finished nails seems to magnify.

  • Firstly, start painting your nails with a coat or two of matte black polish.
  • You can also use a basic black polish that isn’t matte.
  • Afterwards, using a freehand and a brush, make the designs using magenta polish.
  • Once dry, seal the designs with a top coat of matte paint.

This nail design simply rocks and can be worn for evening parties.

Nail Art Tutorials

Image Credit: stylishboard

6. White and lilac matte nails tutorial

If you love refreshing matte nail designs to deck up your nails every time you take a step outside, then you must try this particular nail art that uses shades like white and lilac.

  • Start by applying these two shades alternatively on each nail.
  • The shades are stamping polishes that are easy to apply.
  • Take a piece of sponge and mix two colors to get a gradient look.
  • Once the nails are dry, use the floral stamps to be pressed down to form patterns as seen.
  • Afterwards, apply a top coat of Sally Hansen Big Matte polish to seal the nail art.

Nail Art Tutorials

Image Credit: blogspot

7. Green matte nail art with sweater stamps

Among all the nail art tutorials that we are showing today, this one with sage green matte polish looks the most impressive and a little different.

  • Start by painting the nails with a base coat of sage green by any brand such as RBL Halcyon.
  • Now, for the beautiful stamp patterns, use the sweater design stamps by Nailz Craze, a Russian stamping plate brand.
  • Once the stamps are applied onto the nails, you can seal the designs using a top coat of matte polish like Butter London.

The sage green color has subtle tones of copper and pink to lend a classy touch to the nail art.

Nail Art Tutorials

Image Credit: brit

8. White matte nail polish with golden glittery French tips nail art tutorial

Matte nail art in white always looks elegant and can be seen on most glamorous ladies.

  • Start by French manicuring your nails, and then painting a base coat of matte white polish all over.
  • Dry and then, reapply a few more coats.
  • Now, take a bottle of golden sparkle polish and dip your brush into it, and apply all over the tips.
  • Now, if you wish to keep one or two accent nails along with this nail art, paint the nails with golden sparkle polish as shown.

The choice is up to you whether you want to go with bigger speckles or smaller ones.

Matte Nail Polish

Image Credit: styletic

9. Matte Fourth of July nail tutorial

Let us now show you one of the coolest patriotic matte nail designs that you can flaunt this 4th of July.

  • Apply a base coat of matte finished blue polish on all nails, except the thumb which has to be painted with a base coat of white in matte finish.
  • For the thumb, apply a tape horizontally and paint with a glossy red or maroon as you like.
  • For the ring fingernail, apply a coat of white matte finish, and stick tapes vertically, while painting red over it.
  • Peel off when the nail art has set in properly.
  • For the rest of the nails, apply a shiny coat of clear polish and apply stamps as seen.
  • Seal the nail art with a top coat of matte polish.

Matte Nail Polish

Image Credit: makeuptutorials

10. Cute neon matte nail art tutorial

Neon nail art tutorials like this one will make you jump with joy as its the best season when you can flaunt neon or pastels in matte finish without looking plain. The nail art is trendy and is pretty easy to be done.

  • Start by applying a matte polish of neons on all nails.
  • You can select different colors for this.
  • Keep two nails as feature nails on which you can draw patterns as shown below.
  • For this, paint your nails with a matte finished white polish.
  • Dry, now, using a freehand and a brush, make L shapes in such a way that these criss cross each other.
  • Make any pattern as you like.

Matte Nail Polish

Image Credit: pinimg

11. Cuticle blue glitter and black matte nail tutorial

This nail art with black matte polish and glittery blue looks simply astounding and is perfect to be worn in the night.

  • Begin by applying a base coat of any neutral color. Dry.
  • Now, paint a two to three coats of matte black polish and leave the nails to dry.
  • Thereafter, take some blue glitter polish and a brush to be used for painting it right on the cuticle bed of each nail.

The contrasting effect of black and blue looks electrifying. You can pick any glitter polish as you like.

Matte Nails

Image Credit: cuded

12. Alluring pink matte nail tutorial with accent nails

A coffin nail is the new nail trend that’s causing frenzy among women who want to look sassy and stylish.

  • For this nail art, we recommend that you shape your nails this way and begin painting them with pink matte polish as seen below.
  • There is no need to add gloss as top coat.
  • Leave the nails as they are to retain the non glossy texture.
  • Now, press two fake nails with embellishment done by stones or studs.

These accent nails look very beautiful with pink matte polish.

Matte Nails

Image Credit: nailartdesigns

13. Glitter strip matte nail art tutorial

  • Start the nail art by applying two to three coats of any pastel shade with matte finish. You can pick either light pink, beige, cream, or nude for this art.
  • We have shown the image where the woman has used Lady Like, a matte polish.
  • Now, for the golden strips, use a brush and freehand to draw these horizontally.
  • The polish chosen below is My Favorite Ornament by OPI.

There is no need to apply a top coat. You can wear this nail design for any occasion like birthdays or Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Matte Nail Designs

Image Credit: blogspot

14. Beautiful dark blue matte nail tutorial with glitter feature nail

Blue matte nail art like the one showcased below will make you drool for sure!

  • You would need to paint your nails with blue matte finished polish that is dark.
  • Reserve one fingernail of your choice for embellishing it with glitter polish of any shade.
  • Paint the accent nail with blue sparkly polish that matches beautifully with the matte dark blue paint.

This nail art can be worn for any extravagant party and looks quite a charmer!

Matte Nail Designs

Image Credit: entertainmentallday

15. Cute grey matte nail art with accent nail

The nail art shown below looks elegant specially with the accent or feature nail that is dressed up with jewels or studs in golden metallic tones.

  • For this nail art, you would need a base coat of any color, preferably light grey, a bottle of grey matte nail polish, and some golden beads or jewels.
  • Apply the base coat and let the nails dry up.
  • Now, paint two to three coats of matte gray all over.
  • For the accent ring fingernail, apply light grey on it and thereafter, stick the studs as shown below.

Nail Art Tutorials

Image Credit: entertainmentallday

16. Blue matte dandelion puff nail art tutorial

Dandelion nails look very elegant and are symbolical of freedom of thought and hope. These nails are very popular with women and are available in different styles and designs. One among these is a matte finished dandelion nail art.

  • For this, you would have to apply two to three coats of blue matte polish, preferably light.
  • Then start applying the stamps of dandelion flowers all over.

The black outline looks very pretty against the blue background.

Nail Art Tutorials

Image Credit: notedlist

17. White matte nail tutorial with floral designs

Matte nails with floral designs are the flavor of summer season as these look very feminine and pleasing.

  • Start by applying a base coat of nude on all nails.
  • Now, cut a piece of tape in the shape of a triangle, then, place it over your nail bed.
  • Thereafter, paint a coat of white matte polish like LVX Cashmere on the nails, also covering the tape.
  • Reapply another coat.
  • After a minute, peel off the tape using a tweezer to reveal a negative space art.
  • For the flower patterns all around the triangle, use a nail art brush and shades of orange and pink to draw these.
  • Add hints of green leaves all around.
  • Put tiny black dots inside the flowers.
  • Now, apply a top coat of matte nude polish to seal the design.

Nail Art Tutorials

Image Credit: blogspot

18. Matte Valentines nail tutorial in red and black

  • Apply a base coat of matte black polish all over the nails. Here, the brand used is LVX Livid Black.
  • Let the nails dry up.
  • Now, paste reinforcement stickers to create the half moon shapes on each nail and paint a coat or two of shimmering red polish like China Glaze’s Just Be-Claws.
  • For the heart design on the ring nail, use a nail art pen or brush and red.

This nail art can be worn for Valentines and will look gorgeous.

Matte Nail Art

Image Credit: paulinaspassions

All women like to dress up eloquently, but sometimes, nails are the one feature that get neglected by most. You must take care of your nails too to look sexy and stylish. A matte nail looks just as sassy as any other nail art would, sometimes even sexier than other nail designs. These nails are simple to be done and still do not look overtly garish or too loud. We have tried to offer you a good insight into some of the best and the cutest matte nail art, and we hope you do justice by trying at least a few of these gorgeous cuties soon.