35 Shiny Metallic Nail Polish


Ladies, if you’ve been keeping up with nail polish trends (and we know you have!), you’d know that metallic nail polish is a must-have this season. Whether you choose to go shimmery subdued or bold metallic, your nails are going to be turning heads and looking gorgeous tapping on your keyboard or holding that Cosmo.

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We love how versatile these metallic nail polish colors are. We have them in shimmery silver, luxurious gold, beetle green, shiny violet, and even a precious pink.

With metallic nail polish, you won’t even need to accessorize much as they provide a lot of the bling in your total appearance.

Check out our metallic nails and see the shades that will look great on your hands!

34Essie Mirror Metallic Rose Gold Nails

Photo Credit: apolishaddict