40 Classy Minimalist Nail Designs


Embracing simplicity does not necessarily mean that you are letting go of beauty and fashion. There are things created in this world that are without complication yet they exhibit unique kind of exquisiteness. Just like this latest showcase of nail design for today.

Minimalism has been around for quite some time now and it is usually depicted in art and décor. Minimalists are conscious artists who make sure that in the things they do not create chaos in the minds. In nail art designs, we see minimalism in designs like white n’ blacks, lines and symbols, and colored sections.

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We do not assume the designs as representatives of the minimalist movement, they are on the first glance, art in simplest form. Check out 40 of the most awesome samples found on the internet today.

40Studs And Dots Accent On White Polish

Image Credit: Unas Decoradas

39Textured Gold Accent On White Polish

Image Credit: Ok Chicas

38Minimal Marbled Nails

Image Credit: Makeup Tutorials

37Abstract Stripe Nails

Image Credit: Cheat Sheet

36Mini Studs On Quater Polished Nails

Image Credit: Instagram

35Playful Minimalist Nail Design

Image Credit: The Wow Project

34Modern Nail Art Design

Image Credit: Byrdie

33Contemporary Triangle Nails Design

Image Credit: Chungcutabudecplaza

32Pastel Colors On Nude Nails

Image Credit: Tumblr

31Glittered French Tips

Image Credit: Styles Weekly

30Black And Silver Accent On Nude Polish

Image Credit: Instagram

29Embellished Nude Nails

Image Credit: Pinterest

28Embossed Pattern Accent On Pink Nails

Image Credit: Cassya

27Glittered Black Nail Accent

Image Credit: VK

26Angled Black Stripe Nail Wrap

Image Credit: Pinterest

25Glittered Half Moon Nails

Image Credit: Coisas da Maria

24Two Tone French Tips With Stones

Image Credit: Instagram

23Subtle Gold Striped Nails

Image Credit: Youtube

22Botanical Nail Design

Image Credit: VK

21Neutral Nails With Tiny Studs

Image Credit: Layout Love

20Black Triangle Nail Accent

Image Credit: Mamamia

19Jeweled Lotus Nail Design

Image Credit: VK

18Shimmering Star Nail Accent

Image Credit: Into The Gloss

17Subtle Geometric Nail Design

Image Credit: VK

16Moon Inspired Nail Design

Image Credit: Nail Designs

15Middle Striped Nails

Image Credit: So Nailicious

14Leaf Stalk Accent On Gel Nails

Image Credit: Pinterest

13Gold Swirls On Salmon Polish

Image Credit: Instagram

12Metallic Half Moon On Red Polish

Image Credit: Daneloo News

11Leaf Accent On Black Nails

Image Credit: VK

10Minimal Rectangles Nail Art

Image Credit: Evening Standard

9Thin Black And White Half Moon Nails

Image Credit: Weddbook

8Centered Line Nail Accent

Image Credit: Fashion Magazine

7Aligned Dots Nail Design

Image Credit: Instagram

6Textured Flower Nail Accent

Image Credit: Pinterest

5Line Accent On Nude Polish

Image Credit: Byrdie

4Gold Arrow Heads Nail Accent

Image Credit: Ok Chicas

3Semi Glittered Leaf Accent On Almond Nails

Image Credit: VK

2Holographic Nail Art

Image Credit: Byrdie

1Metallic Pink French Nails

Image Credit: All For Woman